Strange Situation


Leo finally learns something worthwhile in social psychology, and Hak Yeon sits in the snow.


Title: Strange Situation

Genre: Slice of Life/Light angst

Length: Two shot (~3818 words (pt. 1: 1,556 words; pt. 2: 2,262)

Setting: Unnamed University Classroom

Point of View: Third Person Present Limited

Description: Leo finally learns something worthwhile in social psychology.

Preview: Babies play with their mothers in a strange room. Then the babies play with a stranger with the mother still in the room. Then the mother leaves the child in the strange room with the stranger. Then the stranger leaves. It’s only the child and the room. 

Title: Burden

Genre: Slice of life/Angst

Length: ~2,262 words

Setting: Outside a dormitory building's trash bin

Point of View: Third Person Present Limited

Description: Hak Yeon sits in the snow.

Preview: Hak Yeon goes farther back, reopening old wounds. He exposes himself to the cold. 


You know when someone begins to parse the symptoms of a disease or a disorder out and you automatically begin to attribute those symptoms to yourself? This is a drabble about that moment when that happens.

Short drabble that came to mind during social psychology. Wild guess at what I learned about myself today.

Don't worry. Curse of Rags is still going on. Quite well, in fact. Hopefully when finals are over, I can one-shot the entire thing.

Edit as of 12/5/13: Hak Yeon has a part. I just let my heart write his part, so it might be nothing but incomprehensible angsty drabble. I apologize.



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blueyunjae #1
Chapter 2: I like your writting style. It makes me imagine the situation in details and the flow of the story runs smoothly. Great job author-nim:)
Chapter 2: I love the second chapter. It's a great continuation. I wonder why Taekwoon isn't a part of his childhood memories though. The incident with the pocky?
Chapter 1: I can't wait until you update. This is so good. I wonder where I get into these theories. You must know a lot about the topic to have this flow so well.
Chapter 1: OMG omg omg! First off (I know I always say this but it's important), the poster is beautiful! Leo you handsome man!!
This was so deep & informative for such a short piece. I loved it. It was so interesting!! Poor Leo...ditched by his parents!!! N is such a sweetheart!! <3 poor thing just wants love and attention. I love how you wove Leo's memories seamlessly into the story while explaining each of the social psych theories!!! It was absolutely fascinating and so easy to understand!
Write another like this! It's like getting class for free! Haha!
Author-nim HWAITING!