No More Secrets




Self-image is one thing that we put up to in our lives.

We'd do anything to keep it and make it the epitome of who we are.

We make it, and it makes us.

We mold it, and it molds us.


But... is there something stronger than can even defeat the importance of our self-image?

Something in to which self-image cannot even compete?


There is.


And Kai is just too blind to not see it.











I actually don't want to give out the details of the story so I just wrote a background.

This is a one-shot. It's the fruit of my boredom. lol

I just want to share it. So I hope you like it. It's just a very short story :>


By short, I mean very short. Like really short.


But i really hope you like it. 



I just realized... Kai is a great character. I mean, it's easy to write about him because of his tremendous... i don't know, appeal? Lols anyway I'm off. Will be posting it in a while. I finished it already.

Was supposed to post it on blogspot but then I wanted my character to be Kai and Sehun so I decided to go for AFF.

After all, AFF is my home.




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kaihub #1
kim jongin asldkfj T_T
Chapter 1: uhh...why's everyone playing with my heart these days?! >o<
it was nice despite being short. Thanks ;)
Chapter 1: my second time reading this story , and i just get what it means xD
Chapter 1: AWWWWW, that's super cute~~
(I'd upvote it, but I gave all my karma points away... hehe...)
Chapter 1: A really good fan fic. Tbh, I preferred her to be with Sehun since Kai was a jerk....
But it's really good.
Looking forward!! Hwaiting!!