Oneshot - No More Secrets

No More Secrets



“I don’t like you. I don’t like the way you smile. The way you dress hurts my eyes. And your smell! Crap, you smell so bad with that cologne. And please, that fringe doesn’t suit you… at all.”


Hyemi’s fist clenched. She was a Taekwondo black belter, and she could send his arrogant face off to mars if she wanted to. But no, she was well-educated girl who knew how to carry herself.

Yeap, she just got rejected and insulted big time, but no way would she exit the situation like any soft girl would do. She wasn’t that pathetic.

“It pains to know that I just got rejected, but I’ll move on. It’ll be easy, now that I know what kind of person you are. See you around.” She smiled a good-natured smile and turned away confidently.

Kai’s jaw dropped. 

“And oh,” she faced him again, still suppressing her annoyance. “I’m not wearing any cologne.”



“You just got owned!” Sehun, one of Kai’s friends, laughed boisterously as soon as Hyemi was out of sight. Kai managed to draw one deep breath before he gave his friend a glare. “I was the one who rejected her, Sehun, so I owned her.”

The crowd who gathered to watch the little confession scene slowly dispersed. Some were praising Hyemi’s courage. Some were still left amused. Some were enjoying the fact that the school’s infamous bully, Kai, just got burned.

“Technically, yes.” Sehun chirped. “But she handled herself pretty well, and she hurt you just as much as you hurt her. Even more, honestly.”

“I’m not hurt!” Kai protested and stomped away, eager to get rid of his friend’s intimidating presence.

He gritted his teeth together. “Park Hyemi, you…!”



“He’s such a jerk.” Hyemi sat down the grass and leaned her back on the tree. She let the tears fall as she continuously cursed Kai. She wanted to go back and kick him. She wanted to go to his house while he’s asleep and draw on his face.

She just wanted him hurt because he was such a jerk.

All she wanted was make things right. She just wanted to express her feelings, by saying the truth. She constantly tried, and now that she took one big step, he just did that. He just hurt her.


She hurriedly wiped away her tears and stood up, all flustered. “S-sehun-ssi?”

Sehun smiled boyishly. “Hi.”


“I’m S-sehun.” He stuttered.

She chuckled and looked at him weirdly. “I… just said your name.”

He flushed crimson and looked down. “Right.” He sheepishly laughed and took a step toward her. “I’m sorry about Kai. He’s just… childish.”

Hyemi bit her lip. “It’s fine.”

“Do you like him that much?” He inquired; his hands at his back. Hyemi looked away and took a while before she responded. “Yea, I do.”

“Even after..?”

“Yes.” She laughed bitterly. “Funny, isn’t it?”

Sehun studied her face and frowned at the trace of sadness in her eyes. “No.”

Her head jerked to his direction. She arched his brows quizzically. “Why… Why are you talking to me, Sehun-ssi?”

The question made Sehun baffled. He blinked and looked straight at her eyes. “You… you intrigued me. You are the first who stood up to Kai’s rashness.”

“Well thank you.” She shrugged. “Hey—“

Sehun cut her off with a question that caught her off guard. “Do you want to date me instead, Park Hyemi?”




The next day, Kai stopped on his tracks as he walked around the school campus. It was his usual routine every morning. He received confessions and dumped each of them, accepted gifts from fangirls and waited for his friend as he roamed around.

But that particular day he stopped in his tracks because there in front of him was his best friend, walking towards him with that ever so familiar girl in his arm.

“Why you…” Kai hissed at her as soon as their eyes met. Hyemi quickly looked away, her jaw clenched. Sehun grinned as he pulled her closer and spoke proudly. “Kai, meet my girlfriend, Park Hyemi.”

“Your… are you out of your mind?” Kai gaped. He was fuming, bigtime. Sehun frowned at him and looked at Hyemi. Hyemi blinked back at him, clueless. Silence ruled for agonizing seconds.

“What’s so wrong with it, Kai-ssi?” She managed to croak after a while.

Kai scoffed as he looked at her from head to toe. She was unbelievable. “What’s wrong? You just confessed to me yesterday! And now what, you’re my bestfriend’s girlfriend? Can you explain to me how in the world could that happen just like that?!”

“Yes.” She simply answered. Kai could not believe his ears and eyes. He looked at Sehun and then back at Hyemi. They stared, no, glared at each other intensely.

People, as usual, gathered around to look. Kai gained a celebrity-like status in his school for being a bad- hottie who unfortunately possessed an of an attitude. But girls were head-over-heels for this , just because... he was that attractive.

Sehun was not as popular, but he was hell also being bombarded with confessions. But Sehun was more of the good guy type. He would smile to everyone even if he was having a bad day. He was just... that good. People wondered why he never had any girlfriend when he was just so… kind.

And seeing him with a girl excited everybody especially when the girl with him was the girl who confessed courageously to the badass Kai just yesterday.

It was rather... peculiar, after all.


“Come with me.”

Kai dragged her towards one of the deserted halls of the school and away from the crowd and his best friend. He was so angered by everything. She winced at his grip and tried to pry his hold off, but he was a lot stronger in terms of physical strength. She had no choice but be dragged. But, she had the freedom to rant about how he was a total jerk.

“What is your problem?!” She screamed as he let go of her hand.

He was facing the other way, so that she faced his back. “Ya, Kim Jongin!”

Kai tensed. It was weird hearing his full name.

“You rejected me, didn’t you? Why are you—“

Kai pulled her to him and crashed his lips on hers. Her fist was clenched all the time, but when he slowly wrapped his arms around her she relaxed. 

“I’m sorry.” He whispered as he pulled away. Tears started to form on Hyemi’s eyes. Kai looked down on her face and tilted her chin up. “I was a coward. But you didn’t have to do that, Hyemi. You didn’t have to date Sehun. It was like a slap on my face.”

“He knows.” That was all that she said.

“He does?”

“Yes, and he wanted to make you realize as much as I do. He was helping me.”

Kai gazed at her eyes for seconds and tears started to form on his too. He planted a kiss on her lips one more time before he spoke again.

“I’m sorry, Hyemi. I’m sorry for keeping you in the dark. I’m sorry for being selfish. I was a coward. From now on, no more secrets.”

Her eyes widened. “No... more?”

“I will let everybody know that you are mine and I am yours. You don’t have to pretend not to know me anymore. You don’t have to exert so much effort because of my selfishness. It wasn’t because I was not proud of you, Hye. It was just… I was selfish and I loved my image so much… But I’m giving it up.”

She gasped as more tears lined her cheeks.



“I love you, Park Hyemi.”


She smiled as he pulled her even more closely and once again pressed his lips onto hers.









See? I told you it's short.lols

That's all. I hope you liked it :)

First oneshot. It feels great.


Imagine you're Kai's secret girlfriend in reality... LOL what a life

And oh, I'm sooooo sorry I posted it late  huhu i completely forgot about it *shame*


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kim jongin asldkfj T_T
Chapter 1: uhh...why's everyone playing with my heart these days?! >o<
it was nice despite being short. Thanks ;)
Chapter 1: my second time reading this story , and i just get what it means xD
Chapter 1: AWWWWW, that's super cute~~
(I'd upvote it, but I gave all my karma points away... hehe...)
Chapter 1: A really good fan fic. Tbh, I preferred her to be with Sehun since Kai was a jerk....
But it's really good.
Looking forward!! Hwaiting!!