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Hi, everyone ;)

This is MarryM.

Welcome to my profile.

If you wanna know more about me, just scroll down the page and you'll see more and if you wanted to know any other things, feel free and just ask me on my wall =)

About Me

So, here we go...

1. English is not my first language, but I'd taken part in classes for almost 5 years in one of the best institutes in my country and have always been the top student in both my class and my school and I sometimes do some edits in here if anyone asks me.

2. I'm a 4th year highschooler and I'm studing mathematics-physics and I'll study computer engineering(software) in university.

3. I'm the 2nd child in my family, but the most independant one(as everyone say).

4. I'm a friendly person(I may not look like one) and I've got so many friends, but not all of them are my besties.

5. My first favorite group/band was Backstreet Boys, I still like them but not as much as before.

6. The first K-pop group that I knew when I was in elementary school was SHINee by 'Replay' and 'Julliet' and the second one was Super Junior by 'Sorry, Sorry'. After that time, I completely forgot about them until 2013.

7. In the summer of 2013, one day I pressed the botton of TV remote and it showed Arirang channel and After School Club was on air and the guests were VIXX members for their 'Hyde' mv and I quite liked them and search some things about them and became an official STARLIGHT.

8. After that, I started reading fanfictions about them and on the way, I bumped into this group called BAP and with their song 'One Shot', I chose my second fandom as a BABY.

9. When I first came to this site, I came across a lot of fanfics written for this group called EXO and I thought 'who are they that they have all these girls fanning over them?' and download their 'Growl' mv and didn't like it in first sight and also thought 'oh God!How can I remember these 12 guys' names?' , but after I watched it again and their other mvs, I finally became an EXOtic and a year later an EXO-L.

10. I used to be a gymnastics trainer, but due to an injury I couldn't continue.

11. Kai was a big inspiration for me, 'cause when I saw him dancing so passionately, I thought 'I can't just sit here and think about those years that I could do gymnastics' and I started to practice dancing and I fully learned vixx's 'hyde' and 'g.r.8.u' just by the dance practic video. I know other dances of them and exo, but not completely(exo's choreographies are hella hard).

12. I'm an author here and I'll be glad if you check them out and leave your idea.

13. I'm a big reader you can tell and I've read many perfect stories both in here and other blogs and have many more stories in my list waiting to be read. You can always recommend stories to me and I'll check them out, bot not a boyXboy one, 'cause I don't like that genre.

14. Don't be shy and let's talk and be friends ;)

15. I have facebok, twitter, ... that I haven't been using for a long time, but here's my insta, feel free to check it out: @8silent_stars

16.Let's talk in telegram if you want: