Game of Love



Half brothers Sungmin and Eunhyuk do not get along. Sungmin is about to marry Lee Donghae, but a fortune teller tells him that Donghae is not his soul mate. He runs away, with his best friend Kim Ryeowook, on the day of his marriage. Sungmin ends up in Jeju Island where he meets Cho Kyuhyun who is brokenhearted over Soehyun. Sungmin must now convince Kyuhyun that they are soul mates.

Enhyuk has had a secret crush on Donghae since they went to school together, but he has never seen him in that way. They become close as he helps him try to find his brother.


- This was inspired by ine of the romanic drama I have watched years ago. I know I haven;t write for a very long seems like the hospital love me very much, regarding my toher stories they are almost finished I am on recovery mode as of now and this pops out in my mind.


"Hyung?" Eunhyuk entered into Sungmin's room, he could sense he is nervous since the wedding will start in an hour.

"Hyuk, have you ever felt like wanting somehting but in the end, it is not what you really want?"

"Huh?" Eunhyuk asked him confusedly.

"I think i can;t go through this wedding."

"WHAT!, Hyung are you crazy, the visitors are outside and, you are thinking of backing out now."

"You know i have no plans of getting married, this is all umma's fault!" he whined at him.

"Eunhyuk, i know i never ask your opinion but if I were you what would you do?"

"Err... follow my heart?" he answered not sure if he had answered the right response.

SUngmin smiled and hugged him. "Hyuk! i never said this but you're the best brother ever." Sungmin said as he ran out of the room leaving a speechless Eunhyuk.

Crap! what did i just said? Eunhyuk thought to himself realizing his brother had already left him. He does not know what he would say to his parents and especially to Donghae....

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