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I was thinking of doing some spin-off since there are other characters and this story os more Haehyuk couple once i finish this would you like me to do a spin-o

  • Kyuhyun and Sungmin(KYUMIN)
  • SIwon and Kibum(SIbum)
  • Yesung and Ryeowook (Yewook)
  • Other(e.g KangTeuk, Hanchul) how do they end up together?

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Well I am 23 years old, I do work so I usually update story during my day off but when I do update I literally update fast, so when I don;t update it's either I have shift or I am too lazy to update since I always wanted to sleep. This is the first time I write stories especially Super Junior fictions. I tried to but I was always afraid to post them until I got the courage 3 months ago. And I am overwhelmed with all the support you gave me ^^.

I am a K-Pop lover ofcourse I love Super Junior, Shinee, SNSD. Though I am originally a J-Pop fanatic and my idol is Morning Musume. I do blogging and photography as well, and i am a make-up lover and yes I am a girl. Well what more can I say about myself and I do cover Japanese songs as well in my youtube account.