It's Complicated

It's Complicated

“There nothing between me and Kibum. We just a bestfriend. We know each other since elementary school..” Without her realize it. She already explain it all to Jonghyun. She don’t even know just wae she need to explain everything.. “Is it true?” Jonghyun asking again to confirm it. “It is” She reply it shortly. Suddenly she felt someone soft lips bump into her lips. When she look at it, it was Jonghyun lips. Her oppa lips! Jonghyun kisses her. Jinnie really getting shocked by that action and hurriedly push him. “What with all this about oppa?!” She start to sobbing. “I’m sorry...I also dunno what’s wrong with me.. This feelings already exist for such a long time ago. I tried to stop this feelings.. Usually I can bear it but not today... Jinnie, saranghae.. I know it’s wrong but..” Jonghyun explain everything and that’s make Jinnie more surprise by that. It’s not only her feel like that. Jonghyun also feel the same! See his sorrowful, pain expression making her wanna love him more and more. She know it’s wrong. Totally wrong. But she already decide that she dont wanna thinking about that anymore. She just wanna love him more than oppa. Jinnie then cupped Jonghyun face and kisses him. He kinda shocked with her blunt action, but he still reply her kiss.

After a moment with the kissing, Jinnie stop it and stare at Jonghyun. “Oppa...I never know we ending like this. Actually I’m avoiding you because I love you.. I don’t want this feelings become strong like right now. Because it’s wrong..” Jonghyun then pull her closely to him and hug her tightly. “Lets don’t care about that anymore. I love you and you love me. That was important more than anything. We can overcome all the obstacle that will come toward us.” He said. Jinnie start to talk about their eomma reaction if she know that. And without she even finish talk about it, she already start sobbing again.

“We need to told her everything. If she can’t accept it, we just go faraway from here. We build our own world that no one know about us.” Jonghyun said what he think about with his serious tone. Without Jinnie realize it, she also agree with it. Maybe because she really love him so everything he said she just agree to it. On the next day, both of them agree to telling their eomma about it. Jinnie really scared thinking about what will happen later. But because Jonghyun always beside her, she didn’t feel that scared anymore. Since it’s they eomma resting day so she just resting while drink a coffee. Both of them slowly walks toward her. “Eomma, we want to tell you something.” Jonghyun start the conversation first. “What is it? Wae Jinnie keep hiding behind you?” They eomma asking while look at Jinnie weird acts. Jonghyun then hold they eomma hand and slowly start to talk about it. “Eomma..hope you can accept what I’m going to says..Me and Jinnie love each other so much. We decide to be together forever. Hope you accept it eomma.” Jonghyun confess. After they eomma listen to that shocking confession, her warm expression turn into mad and shocking expression. “WHAT?! Jonghyun are you crazy?! Both of you are sibling! This is totally wrong!” They eomma start to shout with shocking tone. “But eomma...” Before Jinnie finish her words, they eomma already cut it with disagree. Jinnie still dont wanna to give up to make they eomma listen to what she wanna said. Then she said it again hoping that they eomma will at least listen to her. “Eomma I know it’s wrong. But I really love Jonghyun oppa and I can’t live without him..Omma jebal...” Jinnie kneeling in front of they eomma while crying hard. “Eomma please give us your approval. I really love her.” Jonghyun then also kneeling beside Jinnie.

With her heart that break apart they eomma keep looking at them with teary eyes. “Wae must it happpen like this between both of you.. Wae?! Looks like both of you really love each other.. I know I can’t even stopping both of you since its already turn like this.. Maybe today is the time I should tell both of you about something.” They eomma said and then pull Jinnie and Jonghyun to get up. After that they eomma hold Jinnie hand and look into her eyes. “Actually Jinnie ah... Jonghyun is not your blood relate oppa..He’s your adopt oppa.” Cries hard after telling everything about Jonghyun past. After listen to all that , Jinnie and Jonghyun just stand still dunno how to react into it. It’s really shocking fact for them. “What’s all with this fact eomma?! No! I mean with this lies eomma?! How can Jonghyun oppa not my real oppa?!” Jinnie look into they eomma eyes and then into Jonghyun eyes. It can be seen that Jinnie totally lost in all this mess. “What’s all with this bull eomma?! I’m not your son?!” Jonghyun start to cried as he getting totally shocked by that.

“No no..Jonghyun you still my son. Jonghyun, Jinnie mianhae.. Eomma shouldn’t keep this secret. But what can I do.. I don’t want both of you to keep comparing with each other if both of you know that you guys not a blood relate siblings. You guys will grown up as stranger if know that..I don’t want it to happen.. Since both of you told me that both of your love each other and living together, I don’t have any other choice except for telling the truth.. mianhae..” They eomma hold both of them hand and cried while look into Jonghyun and Jinnie eyes.

Jinnie still shocked by that. But behind this secret its also have the good sides too. Jonghyun then tried to accept all that and slowly hugging they eomma. “Even tho eomma not my real eomma. I still assume eomma as my eomma forever. I love you eomma..All of us are family forever. That will never change.” Jonghyun smile as he still hugging they eomma. Jinnie nod sign agree and with smile, she hug Jonghyun and they eomma together.

After all those tears and confusion slowly fades away.. “Eomma since me and Jinnie not the blood relate siblings. Then both of us can be together right? Can eomma approve our relationship?” Jonghyun sudden asking. Jinnie then stare at her eomma wanna listen what they eomma will said. Of course she hoping for a good result with it. “Hmm...Eomma approve. I know you so well Jonghyun. I know you will make her happy and can take a good care of her forever.” They eomma smile then hug both of them together. “Eomma saranghae!” Jinnie and Jonghyun shout with happy tone and all of them keep hugging each other.

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IsuelMaya #1
Chapter 5: i love it.... maybe u can write it longer with more stories about them..