It's Complicated

It's Complicated

That morning as usual, Jinnie eomma will prepare the breakfast and Jinnie duty like always are to wake someone up that really lazy to wake up in the morning and someone that also really annoying. She hate him! “Jinnie, go wake Jonghyun up.” Ask her eomma while busy preparing the breakfast. Yes, he’s are Jinnie oppa.. J-O-N-G-H-Y-U-N.. He’s the person that always make her life hard. “I hate him!” Jinnie said while going upstairs. Sometimes she dunno wae..just wae he’s her oppa.. Since her omma was a single mother because her parent already divorce and her appa getting married with other  yeoja, so then her eomma always getting back home late because of work. Her rank kinda high at her workplace and really important. So, sometimes for a week she not at home because of her work and she always going outside the region for work.  Jinnie just getting tension because everyday she always see her oppa face.. At home his face, at school also his face. Because both of them in the same school..

“ lazy to wake him up..Like he can’t get up by himself. Dead already maybe since he’s still not wake up even tho sun already arise!” Jinnie grumbling until she reached her oppa door room. She then, start to knocking  Jonghyun door room loudly. The sound of Jinnie knocking can be heard in all corners of the house. “Yaa! Oppa!! Wake up! Time for breakfast already!” After Jinnie keep calling for Jonghyun, there still no answer from him.. Then Jinnie just keep knocking while shouting calling for him. Because she was too mad, Jinnie then said something that she never said at him. “Yaa! Is that hard to wake up? Why just don’t you go to hell! Just go die! Easy then!”

Suddenly Jonghyun room door being open..He then pulling Jinnie inside his room and push her at wall. Jinnie just getting shocked with that situation. And without she even realize it, her eyes set on Jonghyun that didn’t even wear his clothes. The abs.... “Wah!! It’s the first time I think my oppa are perfect namja..” Jinnie hurriedly looking at other direction while her heart keep saying that. She can’t even look at her oppa again since it’s just too sudden with that kinda situation. While Jonghyun keep looking at her. “Did he heard what I’m saying earlier? It’s kinda harsh after all... Did he getting mad?” Those thought keep lingering around Jinnie head.

“Yaa Jinnie, what’s wrong with you shouting in the morning?” Asking  Jonghyun stare at Jinnie while his face are going closely to her. At that moment, Jinnie can felt her own heart start to beating fast. In her lifetime, she never feel something like that. What happen to her? “Err...oppa, eomma asking me to call you take your breakfast!” Jinnie then hurriedly push Jonghyun and run away from his room. After a moment, Jonghyun walks toward the kitchen while his eyes looking around like searching for something. “Where eomma?” He ask. “Eomma already going work” On that moment, Jinnie really wanna run off somewhere and stay away from him. She don’t know why, she felt like that. She didn’t even make something that can make her being point over as a guilty girl or something.

At the school, when Jinnie arrive and walks alone.. Suddenly someone bump into her and both of them falling down. That namja then get up and helping Jinnie to get up. “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!” Said that namja while bowing toward her show how he really sorry for what happen. Because that namja already said sorry, Jinnie then just forgive him. It’s much better rather than make it as a big issues. “It’s okay. Nothing big happen after all.” She said with smile. “Kamsamnida for accepting my apologize. I go first then.”Said that namja and then just walks off somewhere. “Hmm...why did I felt that I kinda seem him before from somewhere...I wonder...” Jinnie mumbling alone while her eyes still fixes toward where that namja walks.

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IsuelMaya #1
Chapter 5: i love it.... maybe u can write it longer with more stories about them..