It's Complicated

It's Complicated

At night, in the house. Jinnie while relaxing herself on the sofa, she can't stop thinking about that Kibum. It’s just like she tried to focus her mind just to remember about something that had to do with him. “I’m totally sure that I meet him somewhere.. But I really don’t remember it..Aish!” When Jinnie keep mumbling alone about that, Jonghyun suddenly sit beside her and making her surprise because of that. “Yaa! Oppa what are you doing here? Why don’t you just stay away from me..” She start to complain. “You don’t really wanna using that television. Just keep mumbling by yourself. So I just sit here to watch a show.” Jonghyun said. “Aish... oppa!” Jinnie shout. Suddenly Jonghyun look toward Jinnie and going closer to her to teasing her. Since their still a little kid, he like to like that. Usually she just fine with it and just relax but after what happening that morning, Jinnie can’t act like before or look at Jonghyun like before anymore. She also dunno what’s wrong with her. Jinnie then hurriedly get up and just run into her room leaving Jonghyun behind that blankly watching her from far “What’s wrong with me?! Maybe I already crazy!” Jinnie heart screaming.

On the next day. Jinnie still like that. Always trying to avoiding Jonghyun. At the resting bench that below the cherry tree that far from class and students. Jinnie blankly sit on it while thinking about something. “Annyeong Jinnie. Why being that blank? Thinking about something important?” Asking someone that making her mind back to the real world. “Oh.. Hey Kibum~” She then hurriedly fixes her mind to focus on the real world back while trying to smile toward Kibum. “I never imagine that we in the same class.” Said Kibum with warm smile and politely sit beside her. “His smile... This warm smile... I did saw him somewhere... But till now I can’t remember it.” Jinnie keep forcing her slow mind to remember it. Even a slight memory about it can give great help for her.

After a moment... “Oah! You! Kibum that always hang out with me from elementary school! But then we separate because you need to follow your parent moving out!” Jinnie get up and excitedly point out toward him. “Tsk~ You really take a lot of time to remember me. I did remember you and can know it’s you from the first time I saw you babo.” Answer Kibum “Omonaaaa! Kibum I really miss you! Never thought that you will be in front of me someday!” She then hugging him tightly. On that time she never know that her action with Kibum are being watch by someone from far. That person are Jonghyun. “Huh! Why Jinnie hugging that namja? She never hug someone carelessly especially a namja.. Aish!” Jonghyun mumbling from far with his jealousy glare. After that he just walks away from that scene.

“Kibum if you already recognize me, wae you never said bout it?” Jinnie ask. “It’s because I want you to recognize me too. I’m not that crazy enough to just said hey it’s me Kibum your friend!~ when you still can’t recognizing me.” He said. “Hahaha! You never change Kibum! Hmm~ How about today we hang out together at mall? We have lot things to catch up” She said while holding Kibum hand. “Hang out? Sure. It’s been a while since I’m shopping. So yeah let’s hang out together while shopping!” He said with wide smile. Maybe thinking about the shopping thinggy. Of course for all days today Jinnie just keep hang out with Kibum even in the class. 

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IsuelMaya #1
Chapter 5: i love it.... maybe u can write it longer with more stories about them..