It's Complicated

It's Complicated

When on the break time, all the student run off from class and going somewhere to chill their mind and also to fills their hungry stomach. Cafeteria, field the most usual place for them. At cafeteria... “Jinnie, don’t wanna eat?” Asking Hyowook her friend. “I don’t want... Not really hungry...” Actually she don’t have any appetite for today since because of that thing happen between her and Jonghyun. She can’t stop thinking about it. While Jinnie mind still thinking bout that things, Hyowook then calling for someone to joining them grab a lunch together. “Taemin here!” Calling Hyowook. “Oh no! She calling for Taemin! Look like I need to face Jonghyun oppa..” Jinnie heart screaming. Taemin and Jonghyun are best friend so both of them always stick together . Taemin also Jinnie and Hyowook friend.

Taemin then waving from far when he see Hyowook and Jinnie. So then Taemin and Jonghyun walks toward both of them. The calm cafeteria start to become chaos with girls voice that screaming around following Taemin and Jonghyun. Both of them then sit facing Hyowook and Jinnie. “Urghh. So noisy..” Jinnie mumbling. All these girl screaming because they saw Taemin and Jonghyun. Both of them are popular namja at this school. “Jonghyun oppa, can you hug me? Please only once..” One girl that dunno from where sudden appear and asking for hug. “Err...sure” Jonghyun said then slowly hug that girl. “Hate it! I don’t like being around him! It’s not that he’s a famous idol like Shinee. Only his name that are same..I dunno wae I become jealous when see he’s hugging that damn girl!” Jinnie heart start to rant.

Jinnie sudden get up. “Hyowook, Taemin, I need to go. I had something that I need to settle. Enjoyed your guys break time.” Jinnie then walks away from that chaos place. Inside the toilet, Jinnie then washed her face and for a moment she just keep staring at the mirror with her annoyed expression. “What a use to have an oppa? Really got famous oppa..” After she let out all her annoying inside the toilet then she walks out. Again for second time today, she bump into the same person again. This time it’s her fault. Jinnie and that namja get up together. “Mianhae...This time it’s my fault..” “It’s okay. Err are you alright? Got bruise?” That namja worriedly asking. “Anni...I’m fine. Thank for worrying. I need to go” Jinnie then with smile on her face just walks away. 

Break time over and class start like always. Miss Park then walks into the classroom where Jinnie and Hyowook been. “Okay students! Listen now!~ We have new transfer student. Hope you guys welcoming him okay?” Miss Park announce it with her warming smile. Jinnie then carefully look at that new student. “Ah! That namja...The namja that I bumped 2 time today..So he’s the new student? That’s why I never seen him here. But..I think I did see him somewhere before..” Jinnie mind start to think about it. “Annyeonghaseyo. I am Kibum. Nice to meet all of you. I am still new here, so I hope we can get to know more later and let’s be friend everyone.” That namja introduce himself then bowing. Miss Park then, ask Kibum to sit in front of Jinnie since that place are empty. Because Kibum sit are kinda near to Jinnie, so she secretly keep staring at him.

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IsuelMaya #1
Chapter 5: i love it.... maybe u can write it longer with more stories about them..