It's Complicated

It's Complicated

After school end. Jinnie then hurriedly going back home and getting ready to going out with Kibum at mall. When she already getting ready and happily walks off to the door. Jonghyun then sudden appear out of nowhere and asking her where she going. “Going out” Without Jonghyun be able to said his next words, Jinnie already run off. “Yaa! Hmm...she wear prettily must be going out with that namja. Aish! Just wae my head keep busily think about that! It’s her life, she can go dating with anyone that she like! I’m just her oppa..” Mumbling Jonghyun alone.

At the mall Kibum and Jinnie enjoying themselves with each other since it’s been long time both of them being together. If with Kibum of course his priority are shopping beside chatting about lot of stuff with Jinnie. Been a years both of them lost contact and for Jinnie, Kibum look more handsome and his shopping hobbies are become extreme now since he already grown up namja. Both of them become more close than before. Almost every weekend they will hang out together. Even at school he will hang out with her and Hyowook. Without Jinnie realize it, the closeness between her and Kibum making Jonghyun anxious.

On the night, Jinnie dunno why she felt really tired and then fall asleep on the couch. Jonghyun just got home from hang out with Taemin at that time. He then saw Jinnie sleeping soundly on the couch. Then without he even realize it, he walks toward her. “Ahh...Jinnie look so beautiful when she sleep. With that purple pajama make her look cute too.” He said while keep staring toward her that still sleeping. “Jinnie ah...Wae you making oppa feels something that I never feel before.. You are different from other yeoja..” Said Jonghyun little heart and he then unconsciously kisses her. After he realize about what he’s doing he then start to blaming himself and running off into his bedroom. “I’m crazy already! Wae did I kiss her? My own saeng! Am I fall in love with her? No! This is wrong! She’s my saeng!” Jonghyun heart screams.

One day, when Jinnie going into Jonghyun room to ask him something, she then saw him that half walks out from the bathroom. That shocking scene make her screams her lung out and hurriedly close the room door. “Urgh! Wae? Wae?! That feelings come again after long time.. Crazy!” She knocked her head.

Because of that incident, Jinnie keep avoiding Jonghyun. While Jonghyun keep stalking Jinnie even when she hang out with Kibum. He always secretly keep watching over her from far. Since Jinnie keep acting weirdly when see him even at house, that making him keep wondering about it. So he decide to just asking her directly. He then pull Jinnie into his room to ask about that.

“Oppa what are you doing?! Why you pulling me?!” Jinnie getting shocked by Jonghyun act as Jonghyun push her toward the wall and look straight into her eyes. Jinnie feelings getting more strong and it’s look like that she can’t surpress her feeling anymore. “Opp...oppa...” “Sshh..” Jonghyun then put his point finger at her lips. “Listen what I’m gonna said first. Wae this day, you kinda avoiding me?” He asking with serious expression. “Avoiding you? I I’m not...” Jinnie then look down. “And wae you always hang out with that namja? You love him?” Jonghyun ask again. Love?! When Jonghyun said that love words, Jinnie then got sudden surprise by that words. Now she already understand wae her heart feels like that this day. It’s love! The feelings that she tried to surpress it are being called as LOVE. “Impossible I in love with my oppa! It’s so wrong!!” Her heart screaming.

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IsuelMaya #1
Chapter 5: i love it.... maybe u can write it longer with more stories about them..