2 Different Tears

Name's Kim Ha-Neul. I'm a trainee at YG Entertainment. Just a few days ago, the president told me that I was going to debut as Naomi. I recently recorded my whole mini album, and nearing the day to film for my first MV: The Day of My Confession. The story of the MV is that a boy and a girl sart liking each other as child hood friends. As they get older, they start falling in love with eachother. It's clear to the girl he likes her alot, but he can't confess. She's waiting and waiting until he says so, yet one day she has to move away. The day she's leaving the town he finally confesses.

Messed up right? I don't think so. I think it's cute, yet he waited too long. I was in my dance room practising for the MV when my manager stepped in.

"Ha-Neul, I'm informing you right now that one of the YG idols will star in your music video this week. So don't be surprised when you see him." My manager explained.
"Can I know who I'm working with?" I asked.
"You'll see when you film." He replied.
"Oh, and when can I meet the sunbae's?"
"Later today. They're out for lunch."
"Even the female soloist?"
"She's the one who took them out. I'll be going." He bowed then left. I nodded my head in disbelief.
"Aish, that guy really frustrates me! Such a nice manager he is." I said to myself. I continued dancing until someone walked in. I didn't bother turning around since there was a very high chance it was my manager.

"Anneyong hasseyo!" I heard a different male voice.

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im_sucks_LOL #1
great fic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NotAsian #2
Chapter 14: really like how its coming along so far. TOP's dynamic character is really interesting too
plstop #3
Chapter 71: hahaha now that I noticed it she's always riping out her clothes and bra and shorts :P
Chapter 113: this was really good! ^.^
johhanna #5
great story!
naegaapa #6
owah~!! so cute~!! goshie~!
@naegaapa im so fail~ haha.
evalala #8
i love the story!<br />
[deactivated] #9
this story is amazing<br />
This really awesome, I like the story!!!