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Lee Jinki what did one ocean say to the other?

2 hours ago · Comment

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                  Kim Jonghyun “I sea you!”

                  2 hours ago · Like · 2 people

                  Manager “Seafood!”

                  2 hours ago · Like · 3 people

                  Kim Kibum I sea food? Sea food diet? See food diet? Ahaha

                  why am I so punny?! I’m on a see food diet! I see food and eat


                  2 hours ago · Like · 4 people

                  Lee Jinki Wrong, wrong, and just wrong.

                  2 hours ago · Like

                  Kim Kibum tell us the answer then, smarty pants…

                  2 hours ago · Like

                  Lee Jinki Nothing! It just waved!

                  2 hours ago · Like



Choi Minho news alert! Oceans now know how to wave?

2 hours ago · Comment

                  Kim Jonghyun everytime I wave at you, you ignore me…

                  2 hours ago · Like

                  Lee Jinki Maybe you’re just too short for Minho to see?

                  about an hour ago · Like · 6 people

                  Kim Jonghyun Onew… do you really want to take it that far? Bring it

                  on, then!

                  about an hour · Like



Kim Jonghyun I remembered when Key tried to hide from his schedule…

about an hour ago · Comment · Choi Minho likes this

                  Choi Minho yeah, apparently restrooms are great hiding spots.

                  57 minutes ago · Like · 6 people

                  Kim Kibum they are!

                  54 minutes ago · Like · 6 people



Kim Kibum you know, I like how Jonghyun is always around me. I can ask

                        him for favors and stuff…

48 minutes ago · Comment · Kim Jonghyun and Manager like this

                  Kim Jonghyun I’m so touched. This is the first time you praised me!

                  This, kids, is the reality I want!

                  43 minutes ago · Like


Kim Kibum but then, I hate how annoying it is when he clings to me.

40 minutes ago · Comment · Manager, Lee Jinki, and 12 others like this

                  Kim Jonghyun What?! I’m not clingy! I’m not throwing away your trash for you next


                  37 minutes ago · Like



I sat in front of my table, tapping my fingers on the table. In my hand was my iPhone, which I had gotten as a Christmas present from my parents. Today was a rare resting day, after months of working nonstop. Grumbling, I set my head down onto the table, bored out of my wits.


Another same old day.


Now that our schedules were busier, I never had enough time to check Farmville!


My cows keep running away from me.


But then, today was a rest day- I should probably check on my cows… but I’m too lazy.






I swung around to see Key. I swear, this guy is always close to me. You know, kind of like how a leech clings to skin?




“What?” I answered, keeping my head down on the table.


“I know your secret,” He grinned, and leaned against my door.


“What secret? I have no secret!” I abruptly said, turning to face him with an innocent smile. “Secret? Me? No, no way!”


I slowly dragged out the word “No”, trying to emphasize it. I guess I didn’t look all that convincing, since Key burst into a fit of chuckles, and left the room.




Do I , Taemin, keep secrets from my dear hyungs?


No, never!


Yep, I don’t keep secrets. Secrets and me don’t go well together…


Har har.



Kim Kibum Taemin is so amusing…

37 minutes ago · Comment

                  Kim Jonghyun Is he? He’s just a little twerp…

                  37 minutes ago · Like · 2 people

                  Choi Minho you sound sadistic, Key.

                  35 minutes ago · Like · 3 people



Kim Kibum I’m not sadistic! Choi Minho is…

32 minutes ago · Comment · Kim Jonghyun likes this

                  Choi Minho What?!

                  32 minutes ago · Like

                  Lee Jinki you guys…

                  31 minutes ago · Like · 2 people



Manager I demand a vacation!

31 minutes ago · Comment

                  Kim Jonghyun lol what? vacation? You don’t even spare 5 minutes

                  to buy pizza for us!

                  27 minutes ago · Like · 1 person

                  Manager you guys are a bunch of troublemakers…

                  26 minutes ago · Like

                  Lee Jinki whistle… troublemaker…                 

                  24 minutes ago · Like                 



Kim JonghyunI demand that Manager work OVERTIME.

22 minutes ago · Comment · Kim Kibum, Lee Jinki, and 2 others like this

                  Choi Minho agreed.

                  20 minutes ago · Like

                  Lee Jinki ditto!

                  19 minutes ago · Like



Managerbut that’s not the reality I wanted!

20 minutes ago · Comment

                  Kim Jonghyun WHAT IS THIS. Stop copying me!

                  19 minutes ago · Like

                  Manager I’m not copying! I’m saying the pure truth!

                  17 minutes ago · Like

                  Kim Jonghyun You wannabe. I know I’m cool and all that, but you will

                  never be like me.

                  16 minutes ago · Like · 5 people



Lee Jinki Johnny and the legger in your brand new cell…

18 minutes ago · Comment

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                  Choi Minho … Onew, what is this?

                  17 minutes ago · Like

                  Lee Jinki The beginning of SNSD’s “Oh!”

                  16 minutes ago · Like

                  Kim Jonghyun haha what is this?!

                  14 minutes ago · Like

                  Lee Jinki just listen to the beginning and you’ll see!

                  12 minutes ago · Like



SNSD’s “Oh!” …. joke lyrics. Listen while reading!

by Lee Jinki on November 29, 2011 at 11:38 pm


Johnny and the legger in  your brand new cell,

Said you want tonight I give you one more round,

Dance dance dance till we run this town,

Old Pa Old Pa I’ll be I’ll be down down down,


Hey Oprah now jump on,

Now they’ll jump out of bra,

Tell me you’ll eat their neck, mine too! Ha!


Molly do her dog,

I tinkle here Monday,

Remember now, no more do me,

Do them do them can’t sue me, Dalia buy yolk,

Tickle Tickle sad salmon hiding, go yo! Papa!

I don’t care Hannah, I did up the leg ah

Mad hat go, Po!


Oh, oh oh oh! Barry’s sad and gay

Oh, oh oh oh oh Manny, Manny, hey!

Should you done a chair?

But oop she might yell!

she mean, the lonely cheater mad at yo!

Don’t pack! Poor cat took my poon! Yeah!


And than all the “oh’s” again. Isn’t this funny? ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ...


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            Choi Minho … Onew, the Sones are going to kill you. But the saddest

             part is that it actually sounds like the lyrics…

             10 minutes ago · Like · 2 people

              Lee Jinki but… I like SNSD… this was just for fun!

             9 minutes ago · Like

              Kim Kibum What is this… “Barry’s sad and gay”? How can you be sad

                and happy at the same time?

              6 minutes ago · 2 people like this

             Manager Sometimes, I question your humor.

             3 minutes ago · 3 people like this

              Lee Jinki You guys… I put lots of effort into this note…

               a minute ago · Like



Well, Manager, I question his humor ALL THE TIME.


After reading the lyrics, I couldn’t help but laugh. Even if it wasn’t supposed to be funny. But seriously, I listened to the song, and it does sound like Onew’s version!


My mind will be forever scarred… I will always remember these words when listening to SNSD’s “Oh!”


Onew, what have you done to me?!


I, Taemin, will never look at “Oh!” in the same way again!


Pish Posh.


I threw my phone onto my bed, and spun around and around in my chair.




Why is Key here again?! Didn’t I get rid of him already?


Oh crap. Is he here for the so-called secret?


No, I did not swear just now. I didn’t.


I turned around, my smiling face starting to crack a little.


“Yes, Key?


“So, about your Farmville…”



❝ Inklings and Notes 

 from dulcee 


Sorry for the late update! I'm such a bad author D8 Anyways, I hoped you enjoyed it!

Let me clarify this. I like Girl's Generation, and these lyrics were not meant to be offensive of any sort.

So, don't kill me! Oh, and sorry for scarring your minds forever, LOL.

I'm going through the chapters, and changing the font. I like Georgia...


Always remember you're unique- just like everyone else.


I love you! 

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my god I'm a darn senior in high school now... but why am I still so busy ;____; DOES THIS MAKE SENSE? no.

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Just sayin.

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