Time Machine


A girl who is a genius inventor. A boy who is burdened by a painful past. He requests a time machine from her, willing to do anything to change his future and past.

A girl who is a genius inventor. A boy who is burdened by a painful past. 

He requests a time machine from her, willing to do anything to change the future and past.

The threads of fate and time have begun to entwine.

A story of self-discovery, mending up the past, friendship, and a pinch of love.


Time Machine.

inspired by Girls Generation's "Time Machine" as well as  IU's "You and I"


Who are you?” I placed my hands on my lap, nervously fidgeting.

“Well, it depends. I could be a someone, a no one, or me.” He pleasantly smiled, his finger circling the rim of the teacup. The first thing I wanted to do was snort, but I held it in. 

“Really,” I smiled back, before letting that smile abruptly fall. “But I’m looking for an answer, not a riddle.”

He grinned. “Yong Junhyung.”

I nodded, sipping the tea. “And your reason for coming here?”

“I need you to invent something for me.” He replied, no hesitation in his voice. I slammed my teacup onto its matching saucer, the tea splashing onto the carpet beneath the table. 

“In that case, you’d better leave,” Irritation boiled up in my heart. “I’m not inventing ever again.”

“And for what reason?” Junhyung ignored my actions and words, his smile still sitting on his face.

“Personal reasons,” I muttered, and stooped down to dab the stained carpet with a tissue. The stains were stubborn, and wouldn’t rub off the pure white material.

“Is that so,” He mused. “Well then.”

So, why was he still sitting there? I looked at him expectantly, hoping that he would get up and leave. But no. He remained, paying to attention to my questioning glances.

“Didn’t you hear me?” I raised my eyebrow. “Please leave if you have nothing else to say.”

“Oh, I have plenty to say,” He grinned. 

“Look, I don’t have the ti-“

“Could you make me a Time Machine?”


 ∂υℓcєє’s cαи∂ץℓαи∂

the awkward moment when the author's note completely doesn't match the story.
well, I shall be updating this story when I don't feel too comedic or such. There will be fluff and comedy moments, but be warned that it is not a "happy fluffy rainbow clouds" kind of story. enjoy.


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Will you come back and continue writing this story? T_T
LuckyMend_97 #2
Aaaw authornim ;^; what happened to this story? Really want to read~
Chapter 4: I wonder why Junhyung wants the time machine... Did something happen to Woohyun?
But that toddler part..
update soon
Chapter 4: Okay hi authornim. i'm like stalking all your stories right now. This story is really good so far, and i can't wait to see the development of this. I'm practically dying to know more about junhyung's past. so update soon, pwease? :D
Chapter 4: AWWW~ Junhyung didn't deserve that kind of treatment :'(...
[deactivated] #7
junhyung and woohyun c:
i do hope something bad won't happen to namu o_e
like a car accident or anything;
I feel like crying.
For Junhyung. <////3
Why such a sad past? /inserts a meme/ D8
Update soon..
I feel like crying.
For Junhyung. <////3
Why such a sad past? /inserts a meme/ D8
Update soon..
Your writing skills are... neat. i mean, really neat! love it damn much.