His Cactus, Her Love


This no ordinary tale, ladies and gentlemen. This story revolves around a clueless guy and a prickly girl, who may find love in the most unexpected ways. As their story continues, they may discover sides of each other that they never realized, and perhaps see that everything is more complicated than it seems to be.

He was a someone who never noticed anything until it smacked him in the face. He may be slow, but there's more to him than meets the eye. 

She was someone with determination and perseverance. Perhaps not the prettiest or smartest, but she possessed outstanding courage. 

She attempts to talk to him; he backfires with an unintended insult. She dresses up nicely; he doesn't notice. She confesses her feelings; he changes the conversation.

Yet, he is the one she loves.
his cactus, her love.


"Are you going for a Lee Hyori look?" He stuffed his hands in his pockets, looking at me with a quizzical expression. "Aren't you putting a bit too much on the eyebrows?" 

I kept a fake smile plastered on my face, my hands twitching in anger and annoyance. 

"So, anyways, what did you want to tell me?" He asked, a face full of confusion.

Five seconds before my serious confession- these were the words that came from my crush's lips. 



Urmm. Uh... yeah. I'm not the only one that likes dense guys, right? Hurhur. Loosely based off of Cactus Secret. Not really though- I'm changing things.

Credits to Sumptuous Eternity for my wonderful background and poster! If you have the opportunity , you should definitely request from them!



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Chapter 10: i read this like okay *subscribed* wait for the next update
i go to subscriptions and see "Updated July 5, 2012"
"Updated july 5, 2012"
I don't think you'll update anytime soon but oh wells :-)
I love this story!
Rena_chu #3
Chapter 10: why no update??? Please update, your story is so close to reality- i just love it.

LOL, it does seem that Myungsoo might like Airi and vice versa... but you never know ;)
Myungsoo so sutpid. I think myungie like airi. Gezz that shouldn't happening. I truly fell bad for yoae. Auhtornim. Where are you? TT
it's been almost a year since you last updated but i'm still hoping you could update and finish this story because it's awesome, and the last chapter was quite a cliffhangerㅠㅠ
Vivihyung #7
Chapter 10: ARGH mystery ending DD: I'm left hanging on the edge of my seat again ;__; You haven't been updating since such a long time ago though... How come so many good stories have no endings because sadly, the author's leave v__v I guess I'll just leave it to my imagination for what happens next for now ><
mirellagail #8
Woohyun finally appeared on the story! And oh, Myungsoo is so dense. Really dense. Please update soon, author-nim! I'm begging you T__T
Oh!~ Please update soon!~