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Welcome to studio ░INKLINGS. There's a lot of imagination here, so be prepared.
░ inkling; a slight knowledge or hint.
imagination, creativity, originality


"To imagine is everything; to know is nothing at all."


Welcome to  studioINKLINGS; your idea studio. Here, ideas grow, develop, and flourish. Yes, we do provide reviews, but we do not put emphasis on scores and what not. Instead, we place our emphasis onto giving advice and consulting with the requesters to improve their stories. We are not grammar nazis, and we will only point out writing mechanic errors when they reoccur. At studio░INKLINGS, we believe that three things are the most essential points for a story: imagination, creativity, and originality.

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o❶ Please don't rush us. We try our best to provide feedback as quick as possible- but remember, quality over quantity!
o❷ You must credit us once you finish consulting with one of our staff. You will not need to post the advice/review up, but please credit along with a link.
o❸ Subscribe to this studio before requesting, suggesting, or adopting. .
o❹ Do not bash or make rude comments of any kind. 
o❺ If you want to cancel your request, tell me within the 24 hour period of your request.
o❻ When filling out a form, please look at the side hints and any important notes placed below. Note that the "consult more" button is only applicable if you already requested for a consultation session. The button is simply there for you to ask more questions to your consultant.
o❼ Also, there will be a password for the request and adopt form. In the "thank you" box, please fill in the kpop group featured in this studio. There is no password for the consult more form and "suggest" form.
o❽ If you want to close your consultation session (you no longer need any more advice or questions answered), comment "session close please!" along with the chapter number.


closed for requests. feel free to suggest or adopt!


featured story

every week, a story that deserves this place will be featured


Obsessed by dlxoals




Why it was featured: The style of writing was amazing; each and every word made the story flow perfectly. The way the author portrayed the characters was extremely believable; their flaws and actions gave a clear sense of their personality. Grammar, spelling, flow, plot, characterization, originality- all were spot on. Congratulations!


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░ STUDIOINKLINGS;your idea studio
If you're curious about our rubric...
Title:    /5
Ability to draw readers in (pageturner) :    /10   
Writing style:    /10
Plot:    /20
Characterization:    /15
Flow:   /5
Writing Mechanics (Grammar, Spelling, Word choice, etc):    /5
Originality/Creativity:    /20
Enjoyment:   /10
Total: /100


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I love all the posters! so pretty!
Chapter 1: is this place still active? o.O
[deactivated] #4
suggested a plot ^^
[deactivated] #6
Hello there~ I see that this shop is a bit abandoned and I know for a fact that ChangDictator, the one supposed to work for my story is a bit busy as well.

If it's possible, would you mind cancelling my request? I've realized that I am extremely late, so I shall apologize for the inconvenience.
Actually, if you haven't started it, then could you please cancel my request? I know I'm super late (if you HAVE started working on it, then please don't cancel it. I don't want your work to go to waste). I'm really sorry! D8
Hi, I don't know if you're still working on my request, but I just wanted to let you know that I changed my story title to "Curse of the Sorcerer" & I'll be getting a new poster for it :)
ilovecandie #9
Question: What happened to your blue starry layout? Or is that a different story?
midoris #10
Hey, brooo. I was gonna put mine up for adoption but I saw you were closed. I just wanted to say that I admire the layout you used. It looks very..neat :)