The Fake Girlfriend





This is a story about two boys, who was accused of being gays for being too affectionate with each other. So a solution their CEO came up was for one of them to find a Fake girlfriend.

And as this story goes on, people will be able to find out what will happen to the three of them.

Will there be a love triangle?

A one-sided love?

Will it bring everyone into tears?








                               OC [You]

She used to be rich, but because her father’s company suffered bankruptcy, all the things her father worked hard for was gone in one blink. She’s sweet, caring and can get a little cranky because she barely get enough sleep from working all day because her father had loan a deal with some loan sharks. She isn’t good at remembering names and most of all she is clumsy.





The vocalist of EXO M, He’s kind and caring, He might be prettier than a girl but he is manly on the inside. Best friends with  Se Hun.



The maknae of EXO K, He is the best friend of Luhan; he can be cold and arrogant at times but has a soft side when someone takes the time got to know him.


Other Characters

 ♥ Choi Hei ryung                

____’s best friend, she met her when her father sent her to Seoul.

And she is the girlfriend of Exo’s rapper Chanyeol.  

She is the one who introduced ____ to Exo.


The boys who take care of you and treats you as their own little sister. 

♥ Kang Jinkyung               

The most popular girl in your school, she was popular before you came.

That’s why she hated you for stealing her spot. 


Weeeee my first Fanfic :3 I hope everyone will like it <3

Chuu  ♥♥♥♥♥♥

And I'm not good with descriptionssss xD

Please do not plagiarize. 

jooyoungieturtle allrights reserved 2012 


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seungcoups #1
Chapter 35: awww :( but it's okay :D Fighting~~~
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Chapter 35: Ok! Hwaiting!! ^o^9
frostysnowprincess #3
Chapter 34: lol omg it's sehun! XD
jonginoona #4
Chapter 32: i wanna know if sehun is jealous when luhan said he wants to date her for real..
kellen_1825 #5
Chapter 31: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh OMG please uljima sehunnie update more soon T^T
jonginoona #6
Chapter 31: aaahhhh sehuunnnnn dont cry :( huhuhu
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Chapter 29: I don't know who to ship her with! X(
Chii1707 #8
younicorn #9
Chapter 29: why sehun rolled his eyes? jealous? eue
Chii1707 #10
Chapter 1: ASDFGHJKL <3