Hello~! SHINee Oneshots.


Five different girls(/YOU) have relationships with the SHINee boys that either lead to


LOVE  or




well, thats pretty much for description. It isn't as dramatic as it sounds, quite the opposite actually -_-;


SHINee oneshots I thought up while studying for my exams ^^


they may be disappointing, but I really like the Titles for each oneshot xDD


comments, either good or bad are WELCOMED ^^



Nothing's Unlockable with an Alimighty Key (Key's oneshot): Chapter 1

Freshen your Breath with a Taemint (Taemin oneshot: Chapter  CcccbvChapter 2

Blame It On that O-new Condition-er (Onew's oneshot): Chapter 3

 Everyone Needs A Little Bling Bling In Their Life (Jonghyun's one twoshot): Chapter 4 and Chapter 5

Warm Up With A Flaming Charisma (Minho twoshot):: Chapter 6 and Chapter 7

 Second Round

Onew Twoshots: Chapter 9 and Chapter 10

Taemin Twoshots: Chapter 11 and Chapter 12


The ones next up: MINHO AND JONGHYUN.

Not completed yet, but I'm done the first part to Jjong's....it's a TWO-parter :D

Minho's is coming along, I wrote out the beginning at school :P

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[deactivated] #1
Chapter 13: Minho! Minho please!
Key xD
ilovepicture #3
The Minho one!!!
New subscriber here!
I'll try not to be a silent reader!
Hwaiting autor-sshi!
Freshen your breath with Taemint. HAHA. CLEVERR! & i loved the storyline! It was hilarious & as I said before, clever. Now I'm gonna think about it every time I brush my teeth LOL =)
minhojong #5
Just like to say that I really enjoyed your 'OneShots'. I would have to say that my favourite ones were the Onew one. They were so cute! Keep up the good work.
can't you just make one for all of them because they are all equally epic?!
jonghyun ;D
ChingLan #9
The Jonghyun one :)
Jonghyun (//∇//) !