Chapter 22

I Is For Irony

Turning off the TV, Lina frowned.  The news channel had just been playing recent updates about the world, as well as entertainment---and obviously mentioned the disappearance of Jaejoong from DBSK activities.


The door slid open and Jaejoong stepped in.



“Jaejoong…”  She sounded pained.


“Lina?  Are you feeling alright?  You just awoke from that coma, do you need the doctor?”

“How long have you been waiting for me to wake up?”



“Not long?”



“Why’d you neglect your job?  That’s not what’s supposed to happen.”


“But you were unconscious, and I’m more worried about your health than my job.  I signed a contract with them; they can’t get rid of me for screwing up these past few days just like that.”



That was ridiculous.  It was nice to know that she was more important than his job, but neglecting his job?  Ridiculous.



“I’m going to the bathroom.  And you go back to work.”


She tried easing herself off the bed and froze.


“Are you alright?”


“Just go, I’ll be fine,” Lina whispered; her voice was tense.  “Just go!”  She looked like she was ready to throw something at him.



Jaejoong stepped back uneasily.  “Lina…”







She could no longer hear his footsteps in the hallway.  She sighed with relief; he was probably gone.  She didn’t want to see her like this; she didn’t want to see him ever again because…



She could no longer move her legs.




Mirotic played in the background as they practiced for their upcoming concert.  On the last beat, Jaejoong tripped, falling into Yoochun.


“Hyung, what’s wrong with you?”


“I’m worried about Lina.”



“Well we’re worried about you.”



“She won’t pick up my phone.  And when I tried visiting her this morning, she kicked me out like…five minutes later.”



“Maybe she forgot you?” Junsu suggested.


Changmin looked at him strangely.  “What?  That doesn’t even make sense.  If she recognized him, she can’t really forget him.  USE LOGIC AND SCIENCE!”



“Well, just saying.  I mean, it happens in all those dramas.”



“Ah, don’t listen to their blabbering.  Maybe she just needs some alone time to recover?” Yunho assured him.



Jaejoong nodded.  “Yeah, I’m going to go back there after practice.  I won’t let her forget me.”




Lina sat anxiously before the doctor.  Her MRI scan was on the wall.


“Simply put, this area here, your cerebellum, was damaged when you got in that car accident.  See, the cerebellum is in charge of motor coordination, and that’s why, at the moment, you can’t walk.


“From this part right here, it looks like it’s a hematoma, or a blood clot, so we can wait and see if it’ll dissipate by itself.  Or, we could venture into surgery.”


“Is it permanent?” she heard herself ask.


“Many cases aren’t.  The fastest way to recover would be to undergo surgery or else play the waiting game with the blood clot.”


“When is the best time to do this surgery?”


“As soon as possible.  Otherwise, the clot may travel through your arteries and veins and clog something up.”


“Give me a day.”




He peered into the room, hiding a bouquet of flowers behind his back.  She couldn’t reject him after this!          




She looked up from the picture she was drawing.  She smiled tiredly.  “Done with work?”



“Yeah, and I dropped by the florist to get you these.”  He held out a bouquet of forget-me-nots. 

“They’re your favorite, I should know.”


Lina laughed, but her heart hurt even more.  “Thank you for everything.  I---”



Jaejoong interrupted her.  “Wait, before you go on, what’s your favorite color?  Food?  Place?  Where do you want to get married?  How many kids do you want?”


“What’s with all the sudden questions?”


“I want to know more about you!”


She clutched her bed covers tighter.  She didn’t feel so well about this; but still, she responded to every single question…because it made him happy.



“Let’s go outside.  The weather is really nice today.”  He was so thankful that she reaccepted him today.  Nothing could dampen his spirits.


“Hm…it looks cold.  I think I want to stay here.  You can go out and get some fresh air though,” she suggested.


“Sure.  I’ll go buy you some grape juice too.”  He shuddered.  “I can’t believe that’s your favorite drink.”  He stood up from his seat.


“Wait…” Lina clung onto his arm.  “Before you go…”  She pulled him towards herself.  She could feel his warm breath as she closed her eyes.  And their lips met.



She opened her eyes.  Jaejoong was frozen with joy.  “Now go buy that juice.”  She had to try it, just that once.  “And Jaejoong?  I love you.”

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