Chapter 11

I Is For Irony

“Whenever you doubt me [my love for you], remember the only one I’ll love is you.”


Tae Hee smiled and rested her head on Jaejoong’s shoulder.  Everything was fine now.  After four years of tears and pain, everything was finally going to be okay.



He brushed a stray strand of hair from her face.  “When we settle all of this confusion...” he paused.  “I want to make us official.”


Tae Hee sat up, startled.  “But what about the fangirls?  What if you lose them?”


“Don’t worry,” he assured her.  “If they truly love me, then they’ll want the best for me.”



“Jaejoong...” she started.


“You and I, that’s the best thing that could ever happen to me,” he grinned.  “Just a little bit longer now.  And we’ll be official.” 



In the other room, Yoochun’s smile fell.  This wasn’t supposed to happen to him.  Four years ago, he had learned to block this all out.  Jaejoong was his friend; he had to forget his feelings for her.  So why, why was it coming back to haunt him?


All those years.  What had he done to deserve this?  He had only waited hopefully, waiting for her to take notice of him.  Through all those years, he was still unloved.


His heart was aching again. 




“I’m going to see her again today!” Jaejoong exclaimed happily, skipping around the apartment.  “What do you think I should bring her this time?”


Changmin rolled his eyes before returning to his computer.  “It’s been two months and I’m still not accustomed to Jaejoong’s excessive happiness,” he grumbled to himself. 


And it was true.  Two months of Tae Hee had done an awful lot to Jaejoong.  He was happy again---perhaps happier than he had ever been. 



“Where are you going this time?” Junsu asked.  “Buy me some cake mix.  I want to make a cake for Seung Yeon.”


“But you can’t even cook...” Jaejoong responded, confused.


Junsu chuckled.  “Oh, did I say something wrong?  I meant, I want you to make a cake for Seung Yeon, in my name of course.” 



Changmin turned from his computer screen.  “If you’re going to make a cake, might as well make one for Younha too.”


Jaejoong threw a pillow at him.  “Make your own!”


Laughter erupted all around.



It seemed as if two months had benefited everybody---each in their own way.




But those same two months of Tae Hee had ruined Song Hye Gyo...and Choi Lina. 

After a while, the boys had altogether given up on hiding their romantic relationships.  The media went crazy.  Pictures surfaced.  Rumors arose.  And perhaps most importantly, hearts were broken.





Lee Soo Man threw the complaints on the mahogany table.  All from fangirls---all from DBSK’s fangirls. 


“I can’t believe you, Hye Gyo.  I’ve given you chances of redemption.  What more can you ask for?  But no, you go ahead and blatantly ignore my orders.”


“I...  Sir, most of the fangirls don’t seem to be perturbed...”


“BUT THERE STILL ARE SOME THAT DO CARE!”  He gestured to the letters.  “I’m sorry, Hye Gyo.  But this has gone too far.  I think it’s high time that you were replaced.”




“I’m sorry.”  He turned to his phone and pressed a button.  “Security.”





Back in California, Laura Choi was distraught.  Her best friend had gone to Korea to make up with her superstar boyfriend.  And her once happy-go-lucky cousin was crushed because of that same superstar.  Sure, many would say, she brought it upon herself.  She deserved this; she was the third wheel.



...But had she really brought this upon herself?  After all, it was Jaejoong who had slipped the phone into her pocket.  It was Jaejoong who intruded upon her life.  And it was, yet again, Jaejoong who ripped her heart into pieces.



“He never called me back,” Lina whispered quietly.  Two months, and she was still in shock.


“Lina...” she sighed. “You really should get over him.  He’s not worth it.”  And she meant it.  Twice already.  She’d seen the same thing happen to two different girls because of the same guy.  How could they just cry for him like that?



Growing up together, Laura had never seen Lina cry like this before.  Not even when she broke up with her “perfect boyfriend”.  Jaejoong had hit her hard.  Everything Lina did, everything reminded her of Jaejoong.  And she couldn’t continue like this.


“I know I shouldn’t...” Lina cried in anguish.  “But I miss him.  I miss him.”


Laura patted her back slowly; it was the only thing she knew she could do for her cousin.




She sniffled.  “I want to see him, unni.  I want to go to Korea.”





“Guys...where’s Hye Gyo?” Yunho asked, poking his head into all the rooms, looking for their manager.


“Maybe she went home,” Yoochun suggested.


Yunho frowned.  “Something’s not right.  I want to call her.”  He punched in her phone number and raised the cell phone to his ear.  Nobody picked up.  Redial.  Again, nobody.  “Guys, she’s not picking up.  I think we should go check up on her...”



A knock sounded at the door.

Jaejoong quickly opened the door, anticipating Hye Gyo.  But it wasn’t.



“Mr. Lee?”



“Ah yes,” he replied, walking into the apartment.  “Normally I would’ve called, but I thought this was a special case.  You see, we’ve fired Hye Gyo.”



“WHAT?  NO!”











How could Hye Gyo be fired just like that?


“She proved incompetent for the job.  She couldn’t handle it, so we fired her.”


“Is this because of our relationships?” Jaejoong asked slowly.


“Glad you realize it too.  You know what the risks of falling in love are for those in the entertainment business.  And yet, you all fell head first.  You should check the amounts of complaints your fans have been sending me.”



Jaejoong breathed angrily.  “So it’s back to the fangirls, huh?”


Soo Man nodded, annoyed.  “Why else would I drop by?”



“If we somehow got the fans to accept our relationships, would Hye Gyo get her job back?”


“Maybe.  Depends.”


Jaejoong’s face was cold.  “Answer me.  Yes or no.”


“Yes, I suppose.  As long as the sales aren’t affected.”


“That’s all I need to know.”  Jaejoong opened the door rudely.  “Thank you for visiting.”




Once Soo Man, a rather angry Soo Man, had left, Jaejoong turned towards his band mates.



“Guys, we’re going to make it official.”


They stared back at him blankly, apparently not comprehending his words.


“Wait, say that again?” Junsu paused.



Jaejoong grinned.  “We’re going to get Hye Gyo’s job back.”

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