First off, I just want to say that I DID NOT write this story.  I got permission from kawaki at soompi to share this story here.  The credits goes to her for writing the story.  Please do not steal the story without permission.



“Ri In what is this?”



A mans voice trembles in the dark and in his hands is a black soulless revolver. His eyes travel to his wifes silhouette, and he cannot bring himself to say the words he needs to. So he waits. And the air trembles.



“Jaejoong ah?”



The woman in the shadows of the red tapestry looks towards him, tears laced in her long lashes as she gazes at him. He doesnt answer so she walks up to him. Feeling her way through the dark, her hands reach his and her cold ones grasp his warm ones. She looks up at him without saying anything, but he knows.



“No. I wont.”



“Please,” she pleads quietly with him in the dark, “I dont want to end up like that. Please.”



Silver tears stream down her face, and gently trace her outline. They run down her skin like his fingers often have and Jaejoong finds it pathetic that hes begun to become jealous of her tears. She bits her lips and closes her eyes. His hands hold her shaky ones, trying to steady them. Still, he shakes his head adamantly.






Her white fingers wrap around the cold barrel of the gun and she looks up at him, her eyes clear but unseeing. Then she says the words neither of them can find the courage to say.



“Jaejoong please 'end' me”

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