The "i" Word


 Before I began to share this story, I just want to say that I did not write this story.  This story was written by crazyducky1993 who is from soompi.  I really love this story so I got permission for her to share it here.  Please do not steal this story since the rights belong to the author.



When you love something so bad, you begin to hate it... 

Yes... we've all experienced that before.

But what happens when you hate something so much, you begin to love it?


Her: I hate him. He's so full of it. Strip him of his money, and he's just an average joe. But then again, all guys are like that.

Him: I hate her. She's so full of it. Strip her of her smarts, and she's just an average joe. But then again, I hate all girls.


His hatred, her hatred.

A story of forbidden love...

The Scorned "I" Word

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