The Geek and The Jerk


Bullied everyday. Homework done as usual. Known as the total geek in school. Then theres the queenkas and kingkas. Popular everyday. Jerks as usual.

What happens when a geek and a jerk fall in love with each other? Life in school for the both will never be the same. The jerk will be put down by their friend. The geek will be the popular one of the geeks. Will they both accept each other as who they are now? Or will one of them have to change?



you (jang jieun)

The queenka. Stuck-up snob. Senior, tends to sleep in class. Holds a deep secret for herself to know. No one knows. Not even her friends.


The geek. Always ahead in homework. Senior and class president. Innocent looking. Video game manic. Plays soccer as a leisure time sport. EXO-M, also are geeks.


Your elder brother. He's a geek, but then he can be a jerk at the same time. Luhan's friend.


Friends with Luhan. A geek, but can be dorkish. Doesn't really like Jieun. Spends most of his time in the computer lab


Cameo characters

Bawerp                                                                       Chaehun


(Other EXO members will be shown through out the story.)
(Those who are fans of Bawerp and ChaeHun from Dream Boy, the 2 couples will be appearing on here for a few chapters.)

Title: The Geek and The Jerk
Main characters: Jang Jieun (OC), Luhan (EXO-M)
Minor characters: Rest of EXO members, fictional characters
Story main song: Taetiseo - Library

Poster and background: || D O U B L E D Graphics™
Character chart and banner: Eosaekhan Poster Request Shop

Started: 120422
Ended: 120602
Author's Note: After 4 hours of thinking, I finally came up with a plot that I kind of liked... I actually don't like this plot as Dream Boy's. But hopefully you guys will enjoy it!


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Yeaaa!!!! Love this <3<3<3
luhan *drooling* hihihi
MeganeAlpaca #2
Chapter 34: Kyaa~~ so cute~~ and luhan is not even my bias. (ಥ_ಥ). LAY IS MY BIAS. After Xiumin~ but Xiumin is the I'm kinda sad...but Xiumin as a oppa?!?!? Kyaa~~ But anywho this story is such a cute story with a happy ending~ good job author! (●≧▽≦)♪
yme_xiu #3
Chapter 3: Math erghh my face like thisO_o
o0oCatherineo0o #4
Chapter 18: I ship lay and jieun more than Luhan and jieun...
Chapter 33: Finish read this story . Thanks for this wonderful story . Now i'm going to read the sequel O(∩_∩)O
Supbruh29 #6
Chapter 3: Im in 8th grade and i tried figuring it out on how you got the answers and i still dont get :/ lol ill prob fail math
Chapter 34: omg! it's so sweet and wonderful awesome etc. haha i freaking love it!
one of the best romcoms ever and just finished it today! ;;
this is such a beautiful story, I've read it over 5 times lol <3
Chapter 34: Love this story!!