when i look at you, i find myself smiling


Jimin is in love with Minjeong. And she knows. Well, Jimin knows, and Aeri knows, maybe Ning does too. But not Minjeong. Definitely not Minjeong. She can’t know.


Girl why are they so clingy recently


Please do not repost my work 

I don’t think I will continue this story but if i do get my feels back I probably would 🤡
Although... i kinda want to write about the taeyeon and jmj moments during their got the beat thing. maybe they'll be in the new taeyeon fic


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Chapter 1: She can't know! But what Minjeong knows is that she likes Jimin too! 😁
Not their friends having a bet on them! 🤣
Their recent TikTok videos and Ig posts... 🫠
My Twitter timeline is so alive because of them!
Gyeolui #2
Chapter 1: Cute overload 🥰🥰
blanketlove 93 streak #3
Chapter 1: cuteeee 🙈
Jamess #4
Chapter 1: aigoo too much cuteness 😁👍👍