when i look at you, i find myself smiling

Jimin is in love with Minjeong. And she knows. Well, Jimin knows, and Aeri knows, maybe Ning does too. But not Minjeong. Definitely not Minjeong. She can’t know. Jimin scoffs dejectedly. Of course she can’t know. Not only were they in such a conservative country, the fact that they were idols meant that everything they did was under public scrutiny. And most important of all, they were best friends. They got into the company about the same time, they trained together and finally debuted in the same group. And we all know about falling for your best friend right? It never ends well. Never. Not until,


Jimin was left in a heated mess, words were forming in her brain too rapidly and she was unable to find the right ones to vocalise. Her eyes were widened, chest rising and falling at a hastened pace, feet rooted to the ground. She watches as Minjeong’s expression turns to a disheartened one, tears forming in her anxious chocolate eyes. She fails to call out as Minjeong turns around and leaves the room.


Jimin blinks. Once– Twice. Her right hand moves up and touches her bottom lip, still feeling the ghost of Minjeong’s lips on hers. She pinches it. Hard.

She hisses in pain. Holy . I am not dreaming. Holy . Holy –

“Holy !” She gasps.

Her brain finally processed that her crush had entered her room and kissed her senseless. 

A stupid grin forms on her face. 

Then, she was reminded of the fact that she was unable to react when Minjeong looked at her right after she broke the kiss.

Her smile dropped.

“.” She curses as she immediately followed Minjeong’s footsteps and left the room, trying to locate her.


“Minjeongah.” Jimin knocks on her door and calls out gently.

“Leave me alone.” Jimin hears Minjeong huffing between soft sobs. 

“Minjeongah, please let us talk.” Jimin was met with a few seconds of silence before the shuffling of feet and the door unlocked.

She pushes the door lightly and enters the room, closing the door behind her.

Minjeong was on the bed, her arms wrapped around her knees and her head buried in her arms.

She feels the bed dip slightly as Jimin takes a seat right next to her.

Jimin places her hand on Minjeong’s shoulder and caresses it gently.

“Minjeongah, will you look at me?”

She hears Minjeong sniff a few times as she slowly brings her head up and looks at her. 

They looked at each other for a good few seconds and as Jimin opened to verbalize her thoughts, Minjeong beat her to it and started rambling.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have kissed you without consent. I had a random surge of adrenaline and dumb courage and I just did it. I hope it doesn’t change things between us, I hope it doesn’t change the way you see me.” Minjeong took a deep breath and sighed, before her eyes widened.

“Oh my god… and you’re religious too, not only have I insulted you, I’ve insulted god too. Not cool Minjeong, not cool. Maybe I wasn’t going to hell before but after today I probably umph-” 

Upon witnessing Minjeong’s panicked and inconsolable state, Jimin moves forward and captures her lips.

She waits patiently for everything to register in Minjeong’s head before moving her lips. Her hands moved to hold Minjeong’s face as she slid closer to her.

When she feels hands planted on her hips, her eyes closed. Minjeong inhales as she deepens the kiss and her hands wrap tighter around Jimin’s waist.


“Hey, can I borrow your-” Aeri pushes open the door and the scene in front of her stops her in her tracks.

Jimin and Minjeong broke away immediately, almost having a heart attack.

“Oh, sorry to disturb, please continue, pretend I was never here.” Aeri tries to conceal her giggles and waves at them. 


The pair on the bed stared at the door as it closes.

They hear the door click and the pitter patter of Aeri’s feet before her whisper-shout, “Ning! I was right! You owe me five bucks!”

Their eyes met and they chuckled amusedly at their friend.

After a moment, Jimin reaches out and squeezes Minjeong’s hand. 

“So, what I wanted to say was, I like you too.”



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I don’t think I will continue this story but if i do get my feels back I probably would 🤡
Although... i kinda want to write about the taeyeon and jmj moments during their got the beat thing. maybe they'll be in the new taeyeon fic


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Chapter 1: She can't know! But what Minjeong knows is that she likes Jimin too! 😁
Not their friends having a bet on them! 🤣
Their recent TikTok videos and Ig posts... 🫠
My Twitter timeline is so alive because of them!
Gyeolui #2
Chapter 1: Cute overload 🥰🥰
blanketlove 93 streak #3
Chapter 1: cuteeee 🙈
Jamess #4
Chapter 1: aigoo too much cuteness 😁👍👍