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No one pays attention to it. They almost don't see it. Donghae never misses it now. One day, that man notices him. He invites him in.



It must be a shop. The door is easily missed. Because that's all it is. Among the stores. Buildings. Windows. Alleys.

It is just a black door.

Three steps lead to it. There's a door knocker. A silver rabbit head. It wears a hanging ring. Beneath are thin letters.

A Wizard's Welcome.

Idea inspired by: Harry Potter. Ghibli's Howl's Moving Castle. Other fics I have: Fairy Dust. Mannequin/Magician. It does not contain too much from them. Just certain similarities. This is a separate story.

Short pieces. No major plot or conflict. But progression will be chronological. Mostly.


Thank you for reading :) I have very little time these days. But this fic takes less time than others.


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973 streak #1
Chapter 13: Oh dear!
They didn't get to pay for their dinner.
Now, who's the ogre?
Thank you so much for the update.
HelenDamnation #2
Chapter 13: Lol. You'd think they'd be afraid he'll turn them all into bunnies again.
ldh2013 #3
Chapter 13: Thank you for updating! I'm always happy to see a new chapter of this story. hehe. I half expected a gaggle of bunnies to meet Hyukjae at the restaurant, which would have been really hard to explain. Hayun/Coconut is nice too. I love how they all flock to Donghae who coos over them whenever Hyukjae is getting upset with them.
ldh2013 #4
Chapter 12: awww. nooo. The bunnies are going to mess up Hyukjae's date! To Hyukjae anyway. They really can't function without him.
HelenDamnation #5
Chapter 12: Of course they don't have to get Hyukjae. :D
Chapter 12: I love that Hyukjae brought all the things necessary to make sure they will be able to communicate. Very thoughtful of him. I'm looking forward to the next update full of bunny gang shenanigans 😄
973 streak #7
Chapter 12: This is really such an amusing story.
ldh2013 #8
Chapter 11: Hyukjae basically attempting to herd rabbits. hehe.
Chapter 10: Working in Hyukjae's inn must be quite the experience 😆 Thank you for this update I can't wait for the next
ldh2013 #10
Chapter 10: Thank you for sacrificing your sleep and giving us another dose of this cute story. Voice energy? Is Donghae's voice magic? Hyukjae may have less reason to be nervous about exposing Donghae to magic than he thinks. If Donghae needs healing, maybe Hyukjae can help.