Chapter 3: Making It Official

My Destiny
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An entire month had passed since the last time Mina and Nicky went out together. Mina's schedule had been relentlessly packed due to her group's comeback. At the same time, Nicky found herself swamped with managing her bustling restaurant. Despite their demanding careers, they constantly communicated through messages and the occasional phone call during Mina's breaks.

In the midst of their busy lives, Nicky had been planning a heartfelt surprise for Mina. She couldn't help but reflect on the passionate moment they shared at Mina's apartment when they weren't officially dating, and a feeling of longing and affection washed over her. Nicky believed it was the right time to take their relationship to the next level, and she had a strong hunch that Mina felt the same way about her. After all, the depth of their connection was evident in their shared kisses and affectionate moments. With unwavering determination, Nicky dedicated herself to finding the perfect way to officially ask Mina to be hers.


On Tuesday afternoon, as Nicky sat diligently working at her computer, engrossed in typing away and jotting down notes, her phone suddenly came to life with a new message. With a curious and anticipatory smile, she tapped on the notification, and what greeted her was a captivating photo of Mina donning her mint green suit, accentuated by a pair of stylish glasses. Nicky's reaction was an eruption of fangirl excitement that she found herself staring at her phone screen, her eyes widening in sheer awe as she beheld the stunning look that Mina had undergone.

Unable to contain her joy, Nicky replied with a genuine smile dancing across her face, "Oh my goodness, Mina!" Nicky exclaimed in her text message, punctuating her words with a series of heart and star emojis. "You look absolutely stunning! πŸ˜πŸ’« That mint green suit is pure perfection, and those glasses? They're simply captivating! πŸ€“πŸ’š"

With a closer look at the photo, Nicky couldn't help but shower Mina with more compliments. "That colour suits you incredibly well, like it was tailor-made for you! And those glasses? They bring this chic, intellectual flair to your entire look. You're slaying the game, Mina! πŸ’ƒβœ¨"

Nicky's excitement and admiration practically radiated through her messages. "I seriously can't get over how amazing you look. You've got the confidence, the style, and the whole package. You're making waves, and I'm just here fangirling over you! 😁❀️" Nicky started to feel embarrassed by her enthusiastic messages to Mina. She's literally showing Mina her fangirl mode; with a blush creeping on her cheeks, she set her phone down and continued browsing through her computer, though her thoughts kept drifting back to Mina.


On the opposite side of the city, Mina was comfortably seated on a plush couch with her group members. They were enjoying a well-deserved break following an exhausting day of shooting their latest music video. In the midst of their restful moment, her phone lit up, signalling the arrival of a new message. Mina delved into Nicky's heartfelt compliment about her appearance, a warm, genuine smile spread across her face effortlessly. Her heart swelled with a profound appreciation for Nicky's kind words, and the message on her phone screen exuded an aura of positivity, making her feel truly cherished and special.

Mina's fingers danced over her phone's touchscreen as she quickly typed out her response: "Nicky, you're the sweetest! 😊❀️" She added a blushing emoji to convey her modesty and genuine gratitude. "Your compliments always make my day, and I can't thank you enough for your support and encouragement. πŸ₯°βœ¨"

Mina was engrossed in a chat with Nicky when, out of nowhere, a fellow group member loomed over her. "Mitang, who are you texting with?" inquired the inquisitive friend, attempting to steal a glance at Mina's phone. Mina swiftly concealed her device before they could sneak a peek at the conversation. "Just no one, Sana-chan," she answered, making an attempt to rise. But Sana, quick as lightning, pinned her down against the couch's headrest.

Sana couldn't resist the opportunity to friend. In one swift and fluid motion, she leaned in closer, her hand gently resting on Mina's phone-clutching hand, preventing her escape.

"Come on, Mitang," Sana teased, her voice laced with amusement. "You can't fool me that easily. Spill the tea! Who's got you all flustered?" She playfully straddled Mina, clearly enjoying the suspense.

"Mina, you've been grinning at your phone like a Cheshire cat all day," Jeongyeon chimed in from across the room, a mischievous glint in her eyes. "Care to share the secret?"

Mina rolled her eyes playfully at her members, who had gathered around her. "It's really nothing, guys. Just catching up with a friend," she replied, trying to sound nonchalant.

But Tzuyu, who had always been keen on details, wasn't so easily deterred. She leaned in closer, her curiosity piqued. "Oh, come on, Mina-unnie. We know it's more than that. You've been texting this friend nonstop!"

Mina sighed in mock exasperation. "Alright, alright," she relented, realizing there was no way to avoid the inevitable. "I'll tell you."

The rest of the members gathered around eagerly, sitting in a circle as Mina began to recount the story of how she had met Nicky, the friend she had been texting so fervently lately. As she spoke, her eyes sparkled with warmth and affection.

Sana, who had already been clued in, nodded knowingly as Mina shared the details. "Ah, so that's Nicky," she said, casting a meaningful glance at the others.

Momo, with her playful spirit, couldn't resist teasing Mina further. "Oh, Mitang, it sounds like there's more to this story than you're letting on. Is Nicky just a friend, or is there something more?"

Mina's cheeks turned a shade of pink as she swatted playfully at Momo. "Momoring, you're impossible!"

The room filled with laughter as the Twice members continued to tease Mina, each member contributing their own playful remarks. It was all in good fun, and Mina couldn't help but smile at her friends' antics.

Jihyo, always the peacemaker, finally interjected with a suggestion. "Well, since Nicky seems to be such an important part of Mina's life, maybe we should all get to know her better."

Nayeon nodded in agreement. "Yes, we need to welcome Nicky into the Twice family properly. Mina, you should introduce her to us soon!" Mina's heart swelled with warmth from her friends' support and her growing connection with Nicky.Β 


The following days were a whirlwind of emotions for Nicky. She couldn't stop thinking about Mina, and she found herself constantly checking her phone for messages or missed calls. Mina's stunning photo had left a deep impression and seemed to have cast a magical spell on her heart.

Nicky's fingers would hover over her phone's screen, tracing the familiar patterns as she recalled their conversations. She would replay Mina's laughter in her mind, her voice like a soothing melody. It was as though every text message from Mina had become a cherished note in a symphony of their growing connection.

The anticipation of each new message from Mina would send fluttering through Nicky's heart, and she couldn't help but smile as she read Mina's words.

Β One evening, her phone chimed with a text from Mina. "Hey, Nicky! I had two days off this week. Would you like to go out for dinner with me this weekend?"

Nicky's heart leaped with excitement as she quickly replied, "I'd love to, Mina! Can't wait!" Nicky couldn't let this opportunity pass. This is her chance to finally express her true feelings to Mina.

Mina's heart skipped a beat as she read Nicky's enthusiastic response. With a smile on her face, she quickly replied, "That's wonderful, Nicky! I'm really looking forward to our dinner too. 😊❀️" Mina couldn't wait to spend more time with Nicky and was equally eager to see where their connection would lead.

As Nicky sat by her window, gazing at the moonlit sky, her phone lit up with a message. It was Mina, sharing a candid photo of her laughing with the other Twice members. Nicky's heart skipped a beat as she studied the image, her admiration for Mina deepening with each passing day.

With a fond smile on her lips, Nicky quickly replied, "Your smile is absolutely enchanting, Mina. 😊❀️" Her words were a sincere reflection of the admiration and warmth she felt for the woman who had captured her heart.


The days leading up to their dinner date felt like an eternity to Nicky. She carefully chose her outfit and nerv

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