Chapter 2: Taking Chances

My Destiny
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It had been more than a couple of weeks since Mina had last seen Nicky, and the ache of missing her had grown more robust with each passing day. Her demanding work schedule had kept her busy, leaving little time to spend with Nicky. Although they exchanged messages, it was insufficient to fill the void that had formed in her heart. Thoughts of Nicky consumed her day and night.

Mina had just finished her schedule earlier than usual, and she found herself with a delightful surprise of free time. She couldn't think of a better way to spend it than visiting Nicky, someone she dearly missed.

With a sense of anticipation, Mina watched her company's van drive away, its taillights vanishing into the distance. Without hesitation, she her heel, her purse swaying gently as she swung open the door to Nicky's Gastronomia. The aroma of freshly cooked dishes enveloped her, a comforting embrace that made her feel instantly at ease. Her eyes scanned the restaurant, wishing Nicky to miraculously appear.

Mina's wish was answered, and her face lit up with delight as Nicky emerged from her office, a messenger bag casually slung over her shoulder. Nicky walked towards Mina, her attention fixated on her phone. Mina couldn't help but , her voice breaking the silence.

"You really should pay attention to where you're going, Nicky," she said, startling the blonde woman. Nicky looked up from her phone, and her surprise turned into a wide smile as she met Mina's gaze.

"Oh! How come you're here?" Nicky asked, curiosity dancing in her eyes.

"My schedule ended early today, so here I am," Mina replied, her voice laced with enthusiasm. "Are you done for the day?" she asked Nicky.

Nicky nodded, a sense of excitement bubbling within her. "Yeah, there's nothing left for me to do here."

Mina's eyes lit up with a mischievous spark. "Great! You can hang out with me, then." She practically dragged Nicky out of the building, her excitement palpable. Nicky willingly went along, the bond between them deepening in recent weeks through their consistent exchange of messages and calls.

For Nicky, it felt like a dream come true. She had long admired Mina, even going as far as listening to Twice's music just to hear Mina's voice. Mina's voice was a soothing balm, a melody that enveloped her heart in tranquillity. Each time Mina called her, Nicky felt like the happiest woman alive.

As they approached Nicky's car, Nicky gallantly opened the car door for Mina and closed it gently after ensuring Mina was comfortably settled inside. A faint blush tinged Mina's cheeks in response to the chivalrous act, but she couldn't suppress her warm, appreciative smile.

"So, what do you plan for tonight?" Nicky asked as she settled down in the driver's seat.

"I was thinking about a movie and dinner, but only if you're up for it," Mina suggested with a hopeful look. Nicky hesitated, thinking about the potential attention they might attract. "Today is Saturday, and there'll be a lot of people. It'll be troublesome if they spot you."

Mina pouted playfully, and Nicky's heart skipped a beat. "Hmmm, okay then. Let's just go to my place. We can have dinner and watch a movie there. Since you're so concerned about being seen with me," Mina teased, sulking a bit.

Nicky couldn't resist Mina's charm. "Hey, I didn't say that. Why are you so cute?" She had almost pinched Mina's cheeks before catching herself. "Sorry..."

Mina chuckled at Nicky's momentary hesitation. "It's alright," she said with a playful grin. "I don't mind if you pinch my cheeks."

Nicky gently pinched Mina's cheeks with a relieved smile, making her blush. "You're adorable when you pout, you know that?" Nicky teased.

Mina's blush deepened, and she looked away. "Stop it," she mumbled, though her smile gave away her true feelings.

As they drove to Mina's place, they chatted like old friends, the awkwardness of their initial encounter long gone. Nicky couldn't believe her luck, spending the evening in the company of her long-time idol, in the very apartment that idol called home. They laughed, shared stories, and enjoyed each other's company. It felt like a perfect moment, like the universe had conspired to bring them together.

Once they arrived at Mina's apartment, Nicky admired the elegant and cozy space. Mina blended modern and traditional Korean aesthetics beautifully, creating an inviting atmosphere. "You have a beautiful place," Nicky complimented sincerely.

"Thank you," Mina replied with a smile. "Make yourself at home. I'll go change into something more comfortable, and then we can decide on dinner and movie."

While Mina disappeared into her bedroom, Nicky explored the living room, taking in the various decorations and photogr

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