Chapter 13: Meeting the Hwangs

My Destiny
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Nicky took a deep breath as she and Mina stepped into the living room. Sitting on the couch, her parents looked up with surprise and joy as they saw their daughter. Mrs. Hwang stood up with a warm smile and rushed to embrace Nicky.

"Sweetheart, we've missed you so much!" she exclaimed, giving Nicky a tight hug. Mr. Hwang joined in, creating a small family reunion in the living room.

Once the initial excitement settled, Nicky gestured towards Mina. "Mom, Dad, this is Mina. Mina, meet my parents."

Mina greeted them with a polite bow, "Hello, it's a pleasure to meet you both."

Mrs. Hwang beamed, "Oh, Tiffany has told us so much about you! We're thrilled to finally meet the person making our youngest daughter so happy."

Mr. Hwang added warmly, "We are also pleased to meet you, Mina. We've heard much about you, and we are glad you could join us."

After the quick introduction, Mrs. Hwang ushered everyone to the dining table, her face radiating warmth and hospitality. The table was adorned with a spread that reflected a perfect blend of Korean and Western breakfast delights. Freshly brewed coffee wafted through the air.

"Please, have a seat, Mina," Mrs. Hwang gestured with a welcoming smile. "We're so glad you could join us for breakfast."
Mina took a seat next to Nicky, feeling a mix of excitement and gratitude. The genuine warmth from Nicky's family made her feel at ease. They gathered around the table, and Nicky's mom continued, "Nicky, why don't you do the honours and introduce us properly?"

Nicky began introducing Mina with a playful grin, highlighting her achievements, kindness, and shared adventures. While feeling a bit shy, Mina appreciated Nicky's parents' genuine interest in getting to know her.

As they settled into breakfast, the atmosphere became increasingly relaxed. With genuine curiosity in his eyes, Mr. Hwang turned to Mina and said, "Mina, I'd love to hear more about you. How did you find yourself in South Korea, and what led you to become an idol?"

Sipping her coffee, Mina took a moment to reflect before delving into her narrative. "Well, it's been quite a journey. I grew up in Japan and studied ballet for 11 years before joining a dance school for more modern dance training. Ever since I was young, I had a deep passion for dancing and singing. K-pop, in particular, caught my attention, and I found myself enamoured by the vibrant music and the incredible performances."

Mina continued, sharing how her dedication to dance and singing led her to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. "I joined JYP Entertainment and began training, aiming to become an idol. It was a challenging but rewarding experience. I learned the art of performance and teamwork, perseverance, and the importance of connecting with the audience."

As Mina spoke, Nicky's parents listened intently, captivated by the unique journey that had brought their daughter's significant other to this moment. Mina went on to describe the auditions that eventually led her to become a member of Twice, a popular K-pop girl group.

"Joining Twice was a dream come true," Mina expressed with a heartfelt smile. "It allowed me to combine my love for dancing and singing with the opportunity to connect with people from all around the world. The camaraderie among the members and the support from our fans have made this journey incredibly fulfilling."

Mrs. Hwang, a twinkle of fascination in her eyes, asked, "What's it like being part of such a successful group?"

Mina chuckled, "It's amazing, really. The energy and passion of our fans, the experiences we share as a group, and the opportunity to spread joy through our music – it's something I cherish every day. Of course, it comes with its challenges, but the positive moments far outweigh the tough ones."

Nicky chimed in, "Mina works incredibly hard, and I couldn't be prouder of her and everything she's achieved with Twice."

Nicky's comment about Mina's hard work prompted Tiffany to interject with a teasing grin, "Oh, come on, baby sis. We all know how much of a fangirl you were before you two officially met. I remember finding posters of Twice hidden in your room, especially Mina's poster."

Nicky's cheeks turned a delightful shade of pink as she shot a playful glare at her sister. "Unnie, really? You're going to bring that up now?"

Tiffany grinned, turning to Mina, "You have no idea how often I've caught Nicky watching Twice's music videos and fangirling over you. I think she knows all the dance moves!"

Nicky attempted to defend herself, "Unnie, seriously, it's not that much. I just appreciate their talent!"

Mina, amused by the banter, joined in the laughter. "Well, I'm honoured to have a dedicated fan in Nicky. Maybe one day, she'll join us on stage for a performance."

Tiffany's eyes lit up with mischief, "I'd pay to see that!" As they all burst into laughter, the atmosphere was filled with excitement and joy.

Nicky rolled her eyes, but a smile played on her lips. "You're impossible, unnie."

As the laughter subsided, Mrs. Hwang chimed in, "Well, it's clear that you two have a lot of fun together. It's lovely to see the bond you share."

The conversation flowed effortlessly, blending playful teasing with a genuine interest in Mina's experiences. Tiffany's anecdotes and Mina's stories in the spotlight created a camaraderie around the breakfast table.

Before long, the family lost themselves in various topics, from music and entertainment to travel and cultural exchange. Mina seamlessly became a part of Nicky's family, and they all spent the morning laughing and sharing stories.

As the clock ticked, the delightful aroma of breakfast lingered in the air, accompanied by the cheerful chatter around the table.

With a satisfied smile, Mrs. Hwang looked at Mina and said, "It's been such a pleasure having you with us, Mina."

Mina expressed her gratitude, "Thank you so much for the warm welcome. I truly enjoyed getting to know all of you."

Realizing the time, Nicky turned to Mina, "Speaking of which, do you have any plans for the rest of the day?"

Mina checked her watch, "I have a photoshoot scheduled at 2 pm for our upcoming concert. I should start getting ready soon."

Nicky nodded, "Right, I wouldn't want to keep you. I'll drive you to the studio."

Mina appreciated the offer, "That would be great; thanks, babe."

As Mina excused herself to prepare, Nicky helped clear the table, and the family gathered in the living room. Tiffany, always ready with a witty remark, teased Nicky, "So, are you going to watch their concert?"

Nicky laughed, "Of course, unnie, I don't wanna miss it."

Tiffany nudged her sister playfully, "You're such a fangirl, Nicky. I can't believe you're dating a K-pop star."

Nicky rolled her eyes, "Can we drop the fangirl narrative, please?"

Mr. Hwang, chiming in with a smile, added, "Well, it's a good thing. It means you appreciate Mina's work and passion."

As Nicky was about to respond, Mina walked into the room, looking stunning in her stylish yet comfortable outfit, instantly lighting up the room.

"Ready?" Nicky asked a twinkle in her eyes. Mina nodded.

Nicky's mother said, "We'll let you two go. Take care, Mina."

As Nicky and Mina headed towards the door, the family bid them farewell with warm hugs and well-wishes. Nicky's mom added, "Drive safely, Nicky."

Tiffany couldn't resist one final tease, "Remember, baby sis, try not to faint when you see Mina in action."

Nicky playfully swatted her sister's arm, "I won't faint, but I might shed a tear or two."

Mina chuckled, "I'll make sure to keep the faint-worthy moves to a minimum then."

With laughter echoing through the house, Nicky and Mina left.

As Nicky and Mina left the house, hand in hand, Nicky whispered, "I'm so glad they liked you."

Mina grinned, "Your family is amazing. I can see where you get your wonderful personality from."

Nicky blushed at the compliment, "Well, I had a feeling you'd fit right in."


The drive to the photoshoot location was filled with comfortable silence. Nicky occasionally stole glances at Mina, admiring the ease with which she carried herself. Sensing Nicky's gaze, Mina reached over and gently squeezed her hand.

When they arrived at the studio, it was abuzz with activity. Stylists, photographers, and crew members worked diligently to ensure everything was perfect for the upcoming photoshoot. 

When they arrived at the bustling studio, Nicky parked the car, and Mina turned to her, "Thanks for driving me, babe."

Nicky smiled, "Anything for you my love. Break a leg in there."

Mina playfully saluted, "Will do, ma'am." She leaned in giving Nicky a quick peck on her lips before entering the building.


After dropping Mina off, Nicky decided to head home to change before going to her restaurant. The drive back was filled with a mix of excitement and contentment.

Upon arriving home, Nicky quickly changed into a comfortable yet stylish outfit. The morning's events had left her with a buoyant spirit, and she couldn't sha

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