Chapter 4: Quality Time

My Destiny
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It was yet another Saturday night, and Nicky found herself still at her office, diligently wrapping up her last task of the day. Once she completed her work, she neatly organized the files into a folder and placed them on the shelves behind her desk. A faint knock on the door disrupted her concentration in the quiet of her workspace, and James's face appeared in the doorway.

"Nicky, someone's looking for you," he informed her with a mischievous glint in his eyes. Raising a curious brow, Nicky wondered who could be seeking her out at this late hour.

"I'll be out in a second," she responded, quickly checking her work before heading out.

Upon stepping out of her office, Nicky was met with an empty corridor, her puzzlement evident. She searched for James, intending to inquire further. Still, before she could voice her questions, her eyes fell upon a familiar figure in a black dress seated alone at a corner table in the dimly lit dining area. Surprise washed over her, quickly followed by a radiant smile of recognition.

"Why are you here so late at night?" Nicky exclaimed, her voice a mix of astonishment and delight. "You didn't even tell me that you were coming." Her steps quickened with eager anticipation as she approached the solitary figure.

The woman, engrossed in her phone, looked up and locked eyes with Nicky. A delighted smile graced her lips as she rose from her seat and enveloped Nicky in a warm hug. Nicky responded with equal enthusiasm, her heart dancing joyfully at this unexpected rendezvous.

"You look tired. Have you eaten?" Nicky observed, her concern evident as she broke from the embrace to study Mina's face. Mina shook her head in an endearing, almost sheepish manner, nestling her cheek onto Nicky's shoulder. Nicky, who was slightly taller, enjoyed the comforting closeness of their embrace.

"Aigoo, what am I going to do with you?" Nicky teased, her hand gently patting Mina's head with affection. "Are you hungry? Do you want to eat something?"

Mina gently lifted her head from Nicky's shoulder, her eyes aglow with affection and a playful spark twinkling within them. "You know, babe, I had something a little different in mind for tonight," she confessed, her lips curving into a mischievous smile.

Nicky chuckled, her heart fluttering at the nickname and anticipation of Mina's surprises. "Different? You do have a knack for keeping things intriguing. What delightful plan have you cooked up?"

Mina's smile broadened as she theatrically produced a set of keys, presenting them to Nicky. "I rented a small boat for the evening," she announced, her eyes shimmering with excitement. "I thought we could venture out onto the Han River. It's such a breathtaking night, and I wanted to share some quality time with you beneath the starlit canopy. Away from people's watchful eyes."

Nicky's eyes sparkled with enthusiasm, her heart echoing the rhythm of Mina's adventurous spirit. The idea of a serene evening on the water with Mina was enchanting. "That sounds absolutely amazing!"

After Nicky had imparted her instructions to her diligent employees and bid them farewell, they left the restaurant and made their way to the Han River, where their private boat awaited.

As they boarded and gently pushed away from the dock, the city's luminous skyline gradually waned into the distance, wrapping them in the quiet splendour of the night. Like a lover's whispered promise, the river's gentle lullaby enveloped their souls.

During this tranquil voyage, Mina couldn't resist breaking the comfortable silence, her voice dripping with affection. "Nicky," she began, her gaze spellbound by the stars' shimmering reflections upon the river's mirror-like surface, "this moment feels like a dream." She glanced at Nicky, her eyes holding a universe of love and longing.

Nicky shifted her gaze from the starlit canvas above to Mina, her heart resonating with the ethereal beauty of the moment. "It does," she replied, her voice a soft, melodic echo of Mina's sentiments. "Sometimes, life brings us these surreal moments where everything aligns perfectly."

The boat glided gracefully along the river's gentle current, creating ripples that mirrored the emotions swelling within them. Mina reached out and gently caressed Nicky's hand, their fingers entwining in a tender connection.

"I've imagined this night a thousand times, Nicky," Mina confessed, her voice carrying a note of vulnerability. "Being here with you, beneath the stars, it's more beautiful than any dream I've ever had."

Nicky's heart skipped a beat as she squeezed Mina's hand in response. "I've imagined it too," she admitted, her voice barely above a whisper, as if afraid the magic of the moment might dissipate if she spoke too loudly. "But being here with you now, it's beyond anything I could have imagined. You make every moment feel like a dream."

Mina's smile radiated in the soft moonlight, and she leaned closer to Nicky, their shoulders touching. "You're my dream, Nicky," she murmured, her words a sweet melody that danced on the breeze. "And I never want to wake up from this."

Nicky's smile widened her love for Mina, radiating brilliantly in her gaze. "Mina, you've expressed my heart's deepest desires. I want to be your constant confidante and partner through life's seasons. I want to stand by your side, support you with unwavering devotion, and treasure every shared moment."

Their fingers entwined, a tangible union of their souls, and their eyes locked in an unspoken promise—a promise etched in the language of love. In that sacred moment, the world seemed to hold its breath, as if the universe acknowledged their connection's sacredness.

As the boat continued to navigate the tranquil river, Nicky and Mina sealed their vows with a sweet, lingering kiss beneath the celestial blanket of stars. The world faded into insignificance as they embraced the enchanting journey that awaited them, their love story illuminated by hope, affection, and the shared destiny that would be theirs for all eternity.

After their serene boat ride along the meandering river, Nicky and Mina returned to the shore, their hearts still b with the night's enchantment. They strolled hand in hand along a moonlit path, where the gentle rustle of leaves and the distant serenade of crickets seemed to accompany their every step.

Beneath the romantic glow of the moon, they stumbled upon a picturesque clearing bathed in the ethereal light of the night sky. A cozy blanket had been thoughtfully spread out, adorned with a delicate arrangement of flickering candles that cast a warm and intimate glow. Nestled beside it was a picnic basket b with an assortment of their favourite treats, each carefully chosen to delight their senses.

Nicky's eyes sparkled with delight as she took in the romantic tableau. "Mina, this is incredible," she exclaimed, her voice a mixture of surprise and genuine admiration.

Mina's smile grew, her heart swelling with affection. "I wanted our evening to be as special as you are," she confessed, her gaze never leaving Nicky's, her love for her partner glowing like the moon above.

They settled gracefully onto the inviting blanket, nestled close together, their fingers still intertwined as they revelled in each other's presence. Laughter filled the air as they playfully sampled each other's favourite bites of food and exchanged whispered sweet nothings.

The night around them, they seemed alive with the promise of their shared dreams and the tender hope for a future steeped in love. The moon overhead bore witness to their unspoken promises, casting a watchful eye over the couple as they revelled in the beauty of the moment, their love illuminated by the gentle flicker of candlelight and the celestial glow of the night sky.

After their enchanting evening in the park, Mina and Nicky decided to continue their magical night at Nicky's house. With their fingers still intertwined, they made their way to Nicky's car, parked nearby. The night was cool and filled with the scent of blooming flowers, and their hearts were light with the joy of being together.

Nicky unlocked the car and opened the passenger door for Mina with a warm smile. As Nicky drove through the quiet streets, the two of them continued to bask in the glow of their love. The moon above, their silent witness, now followed them, casting a soft light on their journey. Their hands never parted, a constant reminder of their deep connection.

Upon arriving at Nicky's house, Mina was enveloped in the same cozy charm that had made her feel at home since the beginning. Delicate fairy lights adorned the living room, casting a warm and inviting glow throughout the space. The air was filled with the comforting scent of vanilla candles, adding to the sense of serenity.

With a soft smile, Nicky turned to Mina. "Would you like a tour of my humble abode?" she asked, her eyes dancing with a playful spark.

Mina chuckled affectionately and nodded, her heart swelling with warmth. "I'd love that."

Hand in hand, Nicky guided Mina through each room, regaling her with stories about the house's history and sharing her most cherished memories. Their journey led them to the backyard, where a vibrant garden thrived under the moonlight, the flowers glistening with natural, ethereal beauty.

Nicky's voice carried a touch of reverence as she spoke. "This is my favourite place," she confessed, her eyes locked onto the garden. "I come here t

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