Chapter 12: After The Weekend

My Destiny
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Mina and Nicky stepped into their cozy room, and as they closed the door behind them, a peaceful hush settled in. The soft, warm glow of the cabin's interior lights added a touch of romantic ambiance to the space, creating a serene and intimate atmosphere.

Mina turned to Nicky. "This weekend has been magical, babe. I can't believe how lucky I am to share these moments with you and my members."

Nicky, with a gentle smile, pulled Mina closer. "I feel the same way, my love."

They nestled into a snug nook by the window, where the moonlight cast a serene glow on their faces. Nicky reached for Mina's hand, intertwining their fingers as they sat in comfortable silence. The cool breeze carried the scent of jasmine, and the distant chirping of crickets was the only sound that broke the stillness of the night.

In the quietness, Nicky spoke, her voice a tender whisper, "You know, even though we're leaving for Seoul tomorrow, the memories we've created here will stay with us."

Mina nodded, her gaze fixed on Nicky. "I wouldn't trade these memories for anything. And I'm grateful for the moments we've had together tonight."

Nicky's fingers gently traced Mina's cheek. "I feel the same way," Nicky admitted her voice a soft melody that danced in the stillness of the night. "These moments we've created are like stars in our constellation. Each one tells a story, and they'll shine bright in the tapestry of our memories."

Mina intertwined her fingers with Nicky's. "It's funny how a simple weekend getaway can hold so much magic. I think it's the combination of the place, the people, and..." she paused, her eyes locking onto Nicky's, "the person you're with."

Nicky met Mina's gaze, and a soft smile tugged at the corners of her lips. The sincerity in Mina's eyes was like a gentle breeze weaving through the quiet space between them. "I couldn't agree more," Nicky replied. 

"And, Mina," Nicky continued, her tone filled with affection, "being with you turns even the simplest of moments into something extraordinary. You're my magic, my constant, and I'm grateful for every second we share." As Nicky spoke, the room seemed to hold its breath, savouring the sweetness of the words exchanged between two hearts that had found their rhythm.

At that moment, Mina felt her heart swell with affection. Unable to contain the surge of emotion, she leaned in, capturing Nicky's lips in a gentle, lingering kiss. Nicky, in turn, welcomed the warmth of Mina's kiss. She wrapped her arms around Mina, pulling her close as if trying to fuse their souls. The world outside melted away, and all that remained was the quiet symphony of their beating hearts.

As they finally parted, Mina rested her forehead against Nicky's, their breaths intermingling. "You're my magic too, babe," she whispered. Mina's arms wrapped tightly around Nicky as she pulled her close, a gentle smile adorning her lips. She buried her head into the crook of Nicky's neck, feeling the warmth of their bodies. Their intertwined hearts pulsed rhythmically, filling her with peace. Nicky returned the hug with equal intensity, her own arms around Mina as she held her tight, cherishing the moment they shared.

As they began to prepare to sleep. Unwilling to let go of Nicky's warmth, Mina held onto her as they moved about the room; their movements synchronized like a well-choreographed dance.

As they settled into bed, Mina snuggled up to Nicky, seeking the safety and warmth of her embrace. Nicky, tracing gentle patterns on Mina's back, whispered, "Goodnight, my love." With the warmth of their shared moments lingering in the air, Nicky and Mina closed their eyes, letting the tranquillity of the cabin lull them into slumber. 


The following day, as the first light of dawn gently bathed the cabin in a soft glow, the rest of Twice members, eager to start their day, decided to wake Mina and Nicky. They tiptoed to the couple's room, expecting to find them peacefully sleeping, ready to be roused for a new day. However, as they quietly opened the door, they were met with a sight that melted their hearts. Mina and Nicky were peacefully sleeping, wrapped in each other's arms. Their hands were delicately clasped, and their expressions held the lingering traces of peaceful dreams.

Dahyun, stifling a giggle, whispered, "They're sleeping like angels. I don't think we have the heart to wake them up."

With a mischievous grin, Sana whispered, "Let's not disturb them. We can have breakfast ready instead." The members exchanged amused glances, deciding to give the couple a few more moments of uninterrupted rest.


An hour later, Mina and Nicky emerged from their room, refreshed and ready for the day. The rest of Twice members, already gathered around the dining table, greeted them with playful smirks and teasing glances. Sana, unable to contain her mischievous spirit, couldn't resist a sly comment. "So, did you two find a way to stop time in that room of yours? You were sleeping like you were in a fairy tale."

Nicky chuckled, and Mina, feeling shy from the attention, playfully nudged Nicky's shoulder. "Maybe we did. It's our secret magic," Nicky replied jokingly.

The teasing continued as the group enjoyed breakfast together, laughter filling the air. They gathered their belongings as they finished breakfast, ready to bid farewell to the enchanting retreat. The weekend had been a tapestry woven with laughter, shared moments, and a magic touch.

After breakfast, they began loading their belongings into Nicky and Jihyo's cars. With a smile, Nicky organized their luggage in her car. "Alright, everyone, let's make sure we've got everything."

The group divided themselves into the designated cars. Mina, Sana, Tzuyu, and Jeongyeon hopped into Nicky's car. Meanwhile, Nayeon, Momo, Dahyun, and Chaeyeong settled into Jihyo's car. With everything loaded and everyone settled in, Nicky and Jihyo's cars started their engines. The tires crunched against the gravel as they began the journey back to the city.

The familiar countryside scenery gradually shifted, replaced by the rhythm of the road and the anticipation of returning to their bustling lives. Inside the cars, the atmosphere was a mix of contentment and slight melancholy. 

Driving with a sense of accomplishment, Nicky glanced at Mina beside her and winked. "Are you ready to come back to reality, my love?"

Mina chuckled, her eyes reflecting a mix of gratitude and playful mischief. "Reality might be calling, but I wouldn't mind if our weekend lingered longer."

From the backseat, Sana couldn't resist adding her signature teasing tone. "Yeah, yeah, don't forget us mere mortals back here. Your lovey-dovey bubble might be impenetrable, but we're still part of this car ride, you know!" Laughter erupted in the car, echoing through the highway. The group engaged in playful banter, cherishing the shared moments of the journey.

As the afternoon sun cast its warm glow, the group approached the cityscape, marking the end of their journey.

The group gradually dispersed as the cityscape unfolded around them, dropping off friends at their respective homes. First, it was Sana, Tzuyu, and Jeongyeon bidding their farewells, each promising to catch up soon.

Sana gave Nicky a playful nudge. "Don't keep Mitang out too late, Nicky. We need our beauty sleep!"

Tzuyu chimed in, "Thanks for the great weekend, Nicky unnie. Let's plan something again soon."

Jeongyeon grinned, "Take care, you two."

Nicky laughed, waving them off. "Thank you guys. See you soon!"

As the car pulled away, Nicky navigated through the familiar city streets, her eyes occasionally meeting Mina's in shared quiet moments. The silence between them held a comfortable warmth.


The car finally pulled up in front of Mina's apartment building. The journey may have ended, but the memories of the weekend lingered. Nicky turned off the engine, and the gentle hum of the city surrounded them. "Here we are," she said, a soft smile on her lips.

Mina turned to Nicky, her eyes expressing a blend of appreciation and a touch of reluctance. "Thank you for such an amazing weekend babe. I didn't want it to end."

Nicky reached for Mina's hand, entwining their fingers. "Me neither. But hey, we've got a lifetime of weekends ahead, right?"

The car doors closed with a soft thud, and Nicky and Mina stood in front of the apartment building. Nicky grabbed Mina's bag from the trunk, and together, they headed towards the entrance. Mina couldn't resist stealing a glance at Nicky, feeling touched by her kind act of assisting her with her belongings.

As they entered the lobby, Mina turned to Nicky with a playful glint in her eyes. "You know, you make everything feel like an adventure," she said, her tone light but sincere. Nicky chuckled, "Well, life is an adventure, and I'm just glad to share it with you."

Once inside the elevator, Nicky pressed the button for Mina's floor. They rode the elevator in comfortable silence, each lost in their thoughts. The air between them was charged with a subtle anticipation. When they reached Mina's apartme

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