Chapter 12: Robot

Love Me
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A student who happened to pass by heard the word “wedding”. She runs back into the cafeteria, telling everyone there’s a wedding in the campus.


Students started gathering around the funeral party. A lot of whispering and murmurs.


“They’re really getting married?”


“I thought they were kidding.”


“Huh? I heard this is a funeral. Darn. I bought a candle for nothing…”


Seulgi finally snaps back to reality. She gasps at the crowd that had formed. She was panicking with all the eyes watching her. She starts zoning out. Her sight blurring. The sound was becoming garbled but right before everything turns blank Seulgi heard an odd sound. It’s a voice. Seulgi squints focusing on the voice.


‘Irene.’ She knows that raspy voice. But what is she saying. She focuses again. She can’t make out what she’s saying.


Seulgi scratched her head. Why does she sound like a robot. It sounds like she’s saying “beep, boop, beep, bap”


‘Huh? That doesn’t make sense.’ Seulgi walks closer to Irene. She stares at , trying hard to read the girl’s lips. Again it sounds robotic beep, boop.


Seulgi fingers her ears. “Huh? I don’t understand.” She whispers. “Talk slower and clearer!”


“B-E-E-P… B-O-O-P… B-E-E-P… B-A-P…”




Irene nods.


“What the…”


Yeri is laughing in the back.


“What the hell Irene?!”


“Well you spaced out for so long… and I ran out of things to say… so I made noises instead :D” 


Seulgi facepalms. Yeri is losing it. But Wendy and Sooyoung are just having a picnic not at all bothered by their friend’s robot noises.


“Wife, we can’t get married yet!”




“I have somewhere to go now.” Irene starts walking away.




Yeri composes herself. “Okay okay.. Break it up kids… wedding isn’t today. We’ll invite you next time.”


Seulgi looks at her friend with a confused look.


“What? I’m trying to be a supportive friend here.”


Wendy and Sooyoung giggle. “You’ll get used to it, Irene may be an oddball but she makes everything less gloomy.” 


“Come eat with us.”


Wendy looks at the direction Irene went. “Hey Romeo.”


“Huh? Me?” Seulgi blinks.




“I’m Juliet!”


“Whatever.. It seems Irene left the campus. Can you bring her back. Can’t have her cutting classes.”


Seulgi does just that.



(Corner Store)



Seulgi finally found Irene. She was in front with a bucket.


“You walk fast.”


“Well I had to hurry.”



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