Chapter 10: Bullet

Love Me
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Seulgi tossed and turned over in the bed. Her eyes opening slowly as she takes in her surrounding. She rubs her eyes while getting up. It’s quiet.


“What the happened…”


She suddenly remembers Seungwan telling Irene she was jealous. She gasps. She then remembers she told them she feels sleepy and actually fell asleep.


It seemed like the two girls have left.


‘!’ Her brain recalls that Irene was looking for some boy. ‘Nooo—..’ she stops herself. Why is she concerned about Irene accepting love from others. Its not like she loooves the goth chick. All she’s ever done was give her a hard time. Especially with the whole children thing. Her spine trembled when she remembered the possum. Irene just ruins her dream love story.


“Hmph!” She pouts. “NO way I have any feelings for her!” 


In the hallway Seulgi heard a voice.




“Ah! Seungwan, what’s up?”


“Irene is looking for you.”


Seulgi got off the the bed faster than the speed of light. She starts grumbling.


“Over my dead body 😡” she shoves her feet into her shoes. Seulgi who was still in denial marched angrily back to her classroom. 


The classes have ended for the day. And the students were already walking out the classroom. Seulgi slams the door open. Some of her classmates freak. She spots Irene in the back row, standing by her seat. She quickly grabs a piece of chalk. Her classmates ducked.


“You and I are betrothed! 😡” she throws the chalk. 


Irene suddenly bends down. The chalk hits another classmate on the forehead.


“Got your pen :D” Irene cheerfully says. “Eh? Are you okay?”


Seulgi on the other side of the room grabs another chalk. “I SAID OUR MARRIAGE IS STILL ON!” She throws the chalk even harder this time.


At the same time Seungwan had walked inside the room through the back door.




“Hm? :D” she walked towards the voice instantly. Avoiding the chalk by a strand of hair.




Another innocent student got hit. Right on the nose.


This frustrated Seulgi. She grabs a bunch of chalk and starts throwing

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