Chapter 3: Rain

Love Me
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(Seulgi’s Room)


“Will you relax Seul.”


“I’m so stupid!!” Seulgi starts pacing in her room.


“No duh!”


“Yerimah! What will I do with my husband??”


Yeri sighs. “First, don’t call her your husband!”


Seulgi is unresponsive.


“YAH! PAY ATTENTION!” She threw a pillow at Seulgi.




“You’re not married! Get a grip.”




“Just pretend like nothing happened starting tomorrow!”


“YOU’RE THE BEST YERIMIE!!” Seulgi leaps to hug her friend.


“Get off me!!”


“Heheheh no!”


“But really Seul wtf… hitting the goth of all people.”


“I never really noticed her tbh.”


“Well best you stay away. I heard she does voodoos!!”


“WHAT?? That’s absurd.”


“For real, people saw her playing with dolls that look like some of the students!”


“Hahaha I doubt that!”


“That’s not the worst part! Someone saw her kiss a frog!”


“EWWWWWWWW!!!” Seulgi grimaced.


“Stay clear of her Seul!”



That night Seulgi had a hard time sleeping. Embarrassment still lingering in her bones. She can’t believe she did that in front of her whole class. She grumbles as she turned off the lamp.



(The next day)



Seulgi woke up late. She jumps up when she saw the time. She rubs her crusty eyes and wipes the dried up drool on her face. She calms herself.


“I guess it’s best I’m late… I don’t have to deal with anyone when I get to school.”






“Hehe hallway clear… I can slither in class quietly…”


When she stepped on to the hallway she could hear someone talking. She hides behind one of the lockers.


“…That is not allowed!”


Based on the voice it was the school principal. 


“Ms. Bae—..”


“That’s Mrs. Bae!”


“What are you talking about?!”


“I’m betrothed—..”


“Enough with this nonsense! Ms. Bae you cannot wear pants beneath your skirt!”


“…they’re leggings.”


“WHY YOU—!!!”


Seulgi peeks at the two. She starts sweating.


‘Did she say “betrothed”???’ She gulps. Then she heard Irene speak. Her voice lower than usual.


“Principal…” Irene crossed her arms. “Let it slide… my father “donates” so much to you… I mean the school.”


The principal was about to explode. But Irene starts walking away.


Seulgi saw Irene walking towards her direction. “OH SHI—!” She tries to sneak away.




“Good morning wife!” Irene pulling on Suelgi’s blouse.


“Errr.. Good morning?”


“Good morning what?” Irene glares.




“Hehe 😏”


“Ahehehe…” Seulgi grips her nape. She looks at the girl in front of her. The goth braided her long black hair today. Her eyeliners still thick as ever. She looks down, she scratched her head. Why the hell is her classmate wearing leggings underneath her skirt. She frowns as she observes the girl more.






“Do you know how to tie a necktie?” Irene leans in.


“Err… yes… w-why?”


“Tie your husband’s tie :>”


“WHAT?! We aren’t allowed to wear ties! The principal will be angry!”


“Tie it please.” Irene hands her a slim black tie.


Seulgi sighs. “You have to button your shirt fully… come closer.” She starts buttoning the last 4 buttons of

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