Chapter 9: Flowers

Love Me
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(The next day, School)


Students have settled down in their seats as the teacher walked inside the classroom. The teacher began calling out names.


Seulgi sat in her seat miserably, eyes barely blinking.


“Bae, Irene?”


“Here :D”


Seulgi’s eyes roll. “Hereeee..” she mocks.


Everyone in the room felt it instantly. The air became thick. The teacher nervously gulps.


“Uh.. Um… M-Mrs.. Bae, Seulgi..?”


Seulgi’s head snaps to face her teacher.


The air is no longer thick in the room… air is now lacking in the room. Students gasping.


Seulgi’s mouth opens.


“Oh no! She’s not Mrs. Bae anymore. She’s just Kang, Seulgi again. :D”


No air.


No gulping.


No words.


No sounds.


Irene’s cute blinking is the only movement happening in the otherwise frozen in time classroom.


“M-Ms…. Kang, Seulgi..?” The teacher squeaks.


Seulgi’s eye starts twitching. Gritting her teeth. This did NOT happen to ANY of her romance films.




Seulgi ignores the goth in the back row.


“PSSSSTTT! EX-WIFE! The teacher called you. :D”


Seulgi turns her head back slowly to face Irene.


“I heard her…” she grumbles.


“Oh! Hehe you weren’t responding to “Kang”. I know you prefer being called Bae, Seulgi. You got really mad last time the teacher called you “Kang, Seulgi”.”








“Go away Yerimah!”


“… so it’s true.” Yeri pats her friend’s head.


“So what if it’a true. I didn’t even want her!”




“I mean she was hit by the chalk randomly.”




“It’s great Irene is gone—..”


“I’m not gone. I’m right here :D” Irene bends down to wave up close.


“Kyaa!!!” Seulgi falls back.


“W-why are you here?!?”


“We’re in the same section :D You forgot?”


Yeri is chuckling.


“But now I’m leaving.. So I’ll be gone. Bye!”


Seulgi is so annoyed she could pull her eyes out.


“Why are you so mad?”


“She’s ruining my dream romance! I don’t need her! 😡”



(Lunch, Cafeteria)



Seulgi can’t escape the nosy mumblings of the othwr students. It was definitely the talk of the town. She stabs her food munching away her anger.


She believes Irene is completely wrong. Someone must love her FIRST before she can love the person. The boy must win her heart no matter what. That is how romance works. There is no other way to get the proper love ending. 


“Ya… Seulgi. You’re out of food. Stop attacking the plate.”


She snaps out of her thoughts.




A boy who was a year younger than Seulgi, approached.








“Oh… sorry… can I help you?”


“I heard you’re no longer with the goth girl…”


“If you’re here to make fun of me—…”


The boy knelt down and offers Seulgi a cluster of small, white-orangey flowers.


“I LIKE YOU SEULGI!! 😳” the boy scratched her nape.


Seulgi starts smiling. The goddess of love must be rewarding her for being a firm believer of love. She accepts the flowe

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