Chapter 2: Plans

Love Me
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“EEEEEEEPPPP!!!” Seulgi squeals like a hog.


The girl grins.


“When’s our wedding day?”


Seulgi needs to think fast and escape from the clutches of the girl with thick eyeliners. She squirms her arms out of the bagpack straps and runs for her life.




Seulgi is down on the ground. Her bagpack had hit her.


“OOOOF!” Air was squeezed out of Seulgi when the girl sat on her back. She looks at the girl sitting on her. She seems to be pondering something.






“…I prefer my last name.”






Seulgi blushed unexpectedly.


The girl smirks. “That’s my last name… idiot…”


Embarrassed, Seulgi plasters her face on the pavement.


“You need to know…”


Seulgi looks behind her.


“I want 3 children.” This time the girl looks right at her. 




“Our marriage is sudden… how do you plan to raise 3 children?”


Seulgi starts sweating.


“What kind of job will you get?”




“I can cook. We don’t need to worry about that part. I can definitely deal with household chores.”




“You mentioned that I’m the husband..” the girl taps her lips.


“Look… um, Ir

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