Chanyeol Likes Paper Crane

Dear Husband, Chanyeol.
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Dear husband, Chanyeol.


Irin starts her words when she writes on the paper crane. The paper that is in white color are being decorated with her writing. She is a bit old fashion you know and she knows the receiver of the paper crane is also the same. Chanyeol likes this kind of thing. The boy is a melancholy type since they were children. Irin writes the paper crane on her pink study desk which places the gold capped bottle that steadily stays besides her. Irin plans to put the paper crane letter inside the bottle and place it on Chanyeol’s room later. Chanyeol is finally going back home tonight after he takes sometimes off from his work thanks to their abrupt wedding thus Irin needs to do her mission as soon as possible. She continues to write. It was her last letter after writing around 100 paper crane letters for Chanyeol as to fulfill the golden bottle. Besides, what’s more fun than torturing the giant a bit?


Thanks for agreeing with this marriage however as far as the sky can be sunny and shine it’s time to rain...


She starts to be dramatic. Again, she knows Chanyeol will like this.


Chanyeol-ah, I am going to New York for some time to work. You know Noona has a lot of works right? So, I am leaving the household to you. Don’t tell Pa and Ma about this, okay? I also promise to keep our marriage a secret so I will not be in your way so does you. Hopefully by this way we will happily continue our life.


Take care and I will miss you, dear husband.


Irin smiles as she folds the last paper crane and place it inside the bottle. There’s yellow, blue, green, and even pink color of paper crane for Chanyeol inside the golden bottle. A few of colors decorating the bottle for some uplifting mood which Irin doubt Chanyeol would even care. She stretches a bit as she glances over her already packed luggage. She looks over the frame on her table that was placed without her concern. It was there for almost a week. Irin takes the golden bottle and the frame along with her luggage. She slowly walks out her room and went to the opposite room. The room that has silver door with a small sign showing as Chanyeol’s studio on its upper side. Yes, Chanyeol has a built-in studio in the huge house. Irin was nervous. It was going to be her first time entering the studio after years. Irin holds the knock tight as she makes way into Chanyeol studio to leave the paper crane for its purposed owner.

“Here goes nothing.”

Irin closes her eyes before she was greeted with darkness. Irin takes a deep breath as if it was sort of mission impossible thing.

“Baek Irin we can do this!”




The airport was crowded today as Irin walks through the crowd after riding the cab to the airport. Irin tried to mingle among the crowd. She will never know who will come to look for her. Her parents, her brother or even Chanyeol might drag her and nagging her about her action right now. To be honest Irin was avoiding Chanyeol who may search for her if she went to night flight. At least with this crowd it will hard for him to find her.

‘Why did they change the gate?’

Irin murmurs as she walks over the other gate. Suddenly her supposedly gate was changed to another one. She needs to be fast and board the flight. At least that was Irin planned as her steps stopped. Her eyes widen as her grip to her luggage is tighter. Her eyes were meeting the eyes of the person who is

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