Heist of a Lifetime




Krystal Jung works as an accountant for a firm in Incheon, South Korea. Nothing extraordinary, just a normal 9-5 office job. Unlike her peers however, Krystal is always able to live a lifestyle that can be classed as above her paycheck. Her secret? She has a long experience of running heists in multiple countries, but that life is all in the past for her. Or so she thought.

After a surprise visit from her ex-boyfriend, Krystal decides to work on a new score. She assembles a crew with the target being an ancient green emerald. Krystal would soon realise that this score would not be anything like she has done before...




Krystal Jung

•The Mastermind•

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•The Driver

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•The Rival•

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•The Grifter•

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Hyun Bin

•The Muscle•

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Michelle Yeoh

•The Historian•

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Ji Jin Hee

•The Cop•

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