First Day of School, Good

Spring, Love & Cherry Blossoms
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[ Junhee's POV ]



I never thought that I would be stepping into my dream school. My heart was pounding heart heavily yet fast, like wild horses galloping in my ribcage while my eyes roam around the place. I couldn't believe that I was finally a student of one of the best high schools in the city, Oldbridge Academy. My father used to go here and he is one of the famous alumnae in this school. I used to scan through my dad's high school photos and dreamed of becoming a student here someday. And I finally did! If only I had a phone to take photos of the places here to commemorate my first day, I would go to every part of the school.

There was one place I'd like to see the most today and it was the school's library. I learned some crazy stories about the building. I am always fascinated with mysterious things despite being a scaredy-cat myself. I walked my way to the library building, quietly following the flow of the student crowd. I still can't get hold of myself and kept smiling the entire time. When I finally stood in front of the tall wooden doors of the library, I gasped in awe as to how antique yet well-preserved the door is. I was about to touch the knob, I was tempted to, but my attention shifted to a group of students who suddenly gathered around me. I was pinned against the door, hands gaping on the sides as they all continued to push me with their backs. I didn't understand why they weren't able to see me, because I was quite bigger compared to them.

"Heyyyy you're hurting me!" I yelled but they didn't seem to budge until they were scolded by the lady who turned out to be the librarian who just arrived. They all soon walked away as they apologized to her, but then the librarian saw me crouching.

"You didn't even know you're hurting someone!" She yelled angrily and watched the students run away from her, completely leaving me without giving any help. Then she saw two boys who had just come in and asked them to help me up. They quickly pulled me up and picked up my bag.

"Are you okay?" The librarian said worriedly. "Were they freshmen, too?" She asked me.

"I don't really know, ma'am," I replied, tidying my sleeves and hair. "I'm a freshman, too, I guess they were just excited,"

"Being excited is too far from being reckless and inconsiderate." She commented, then turned to the two boys she called a while ago. "Ah, you two are part of the council, right?"

The two boys nodded in unison, both tall and neat. I noticed that they have yellow badges on their vest.

"Kindly take her to her classroom," The librarian said and

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