Late Night Walk

Spring, Love & Cherry Blossoms
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[ Junhee's POV ]


I was seated between Jungwoo and Doyoung as we spend the entire dusk talking about random things while eating the fruit snacks we made. I was happy to see them get along with my friends and it made me excited to look forward to our friendship together.


It was already time to go home so I helped my younger siblings pack up, while others cleaned up. I was in the master's bedroom fixing my younger brother's buttons when Kun came in.


"June...why don't you go with your classmates, I'll take your siblings home." He said.


"Are you sure?" I asked as I got up.


"Yup, my dad's gonna pick me up so-"


"JUNHEE CAN I COME WITH KUN?" Shoyu chirped, tugging my hand as he begged to let him go with Kun. I turned to Kun and he gave me a comforting smile and ruffled my hair.


"Promise me to behave at the back seat, Sooshi's going to be in charge," I told him. "And Kun will throw you to the streets if you are behaving badly in the car, okay?"


"Naaaah he doesn't do that, you do." Shoyu protested and went to Kun and held his hand. "See you later, Junhee!" He waved bye as Kun lead him and my sister out of the house. I quickly grabbed my bag and went to help Eri with the other things quickly before we locked the door after we went outside. Kun trusted me with the key to this house and I have been spending time here from time to time when I need to be with myself.


"I will be with Kun!" Eri pat my back as she ran her way out of the gate. "See you later, Junhee and nice to meet you two!" She shouted waving her hand.


I turned to look at Doyoung and Jungwoo and chuckled. "I guess we're left alone. I should walk you guys to the bus stop," I said and started to lead the way.


"Junhee," Jungwoo spoke, I stopped and turned to look at him. "Let us walk you home," I immediately looked at Doyoung and gave me an assuring smile.


"Are you sure? Your stop way farther than ours," I told him but he just smiled and went to ruffle my hair as his response. They both walked out of the gate and I followed them before locking it close.


It was already half past six and it was the first time I actually stayed out with my classmates, especially people my father hasn't known yet. I was walking ahead of them so I couldn't really see what they were doing until I slowed my steps until they caught up with me.


"Did you guys have fun?" I asked them, though I felt awkward about it knowing Doyoung cut his finger.


"Totally!" Jungwoo replied while holding a two thumbs up.


"I agree, it's fun. I didn't expect I'd be inside the infamous horror house," Doyoung commented."...which technically isn't a horror house," Jungwoo finished.


"Yes," I chuckled. "A lot of people say so... but really I'm glad you had fun."


"I can't wait for the next time," Jungwoo chuckled.


"Uhmm..." I began to hum when I thought of the things I want to say to them since this afternoon. "About me at school..."


"What about it?" Jungwoo asked.


"I'm sorry if... I'm pretty distant with you guys. I should have been vocal about it." I wanted to tell them that I was sorry for my numerous silent treatment to them. "It's just that..I feel weird and anxious when people pay attention to me. It's new.."


"What do you mean?" Doyoung asked.


I stopped when I realized that I was about to tell them that I was bullied a lot before. I contemplated in front of them whether I should continue or not.


"It's okay, if you don't want to tell," Doyoung suddenly spoke, cutting my train of constant worries that I would be seen as a pitiful person. "I understand, I mean.. we understand."


"Doyoung's right, what's important is this new friendship, we have

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