Pointing Fingers

Spring, Love & Cherry Blossoms
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[ Author's POV ]


It was another day at school. It was two weeks before the first grading exam and the teachers have already given them the list to study. not to mention the school's sports festival is a month away. 


Doyoung and Hana walked into the classroom together with piles of paper from the faculty room to be handed to their classmates. Hana is their class secretary which was appointed to assist Doyoung throughout the preparation of the exams and sports festival. Whilst Seolri is handling the current tasks given by their homeroom teacher. 

"Good morning everyone." Doyoung greeted the class, looking around and smiled when he happened to catch eyes with Junhee. "These papers are from Mr. Byun. He told us to study everything in here for the exam in two weeks." 

Hana began to distribute the papers to their classmates. 

"We all know that the sports festival is also near, so I need everyone who are interested and who are part of any sports club to sign your names in this paper as participants for the event," Doyoung continued while he pasted the sheet of paper labeled "Participants" on the blackboard. He looked back and continued, "Any queries will be entertained after the distribution of papers,"

He then began to help Hana distribute the papers so that she could finish it quickly.  Then, they both returned to the front. Doyoung quietly asked Hana if she has other announcements but the latter shook her head sideways, signaling that they'll proceed with the question and answer.

"Okay, the table is open for questions regarding the exams first," Doyoung announced.

The class raised their hands in unison, asking different questions all at the same time causing ruckus in their room. Hana, despite being a small and quiet person, with her tiny glare everyone fell quiet. Doyoung was amused about it.

"One by one," Hana spoke. 

And everyone started to act properly. She was able to answer all the questions clearly and promptly making the session finish as early as possible. 


Then she turned to Doyoung and told him it was finished. 

"Okay, I think we are all set?" He asked and everyone agreed except for Seolri who stood as she raised her hand. "Seolri, what is it?"

"Can we talk?" Seolri asked, it evident that she was not fond of the situation right now. She thought being the vice president will solidify her spot next to Doyoung, but it wasn't the case now that the secretary has taken over it just because she was assigned to a different task. She stormed out of the room following Doyoung and Hana.


"Your hands are already full, Seol." Doyoung reasoned. "Besides, Hana can do the job really well."

"So you're saying that I am not doing a good job? Is that what you're trying to say?" Seolri's emotion was slowly coming up to her head. She looked at Hana who didn't seem to care about her presence nor emotion, then looked at Doyoung. "Are you avoiding me?"

"What?" Doyoung was surprised to hear that. "What are you saying?"

"You have been avoiding me. Are you mad at me? Did I do something bad?" She began to throw more questions as her tears well up in her eyes but she tried her best to keep them at bay. 

"I am not avoiding you, Seol." Doyoung replied. 

"If that's the case, will you join me for lunch later?" She asked.

Doyoung was a bit taken aback yet managed to give her a smile. "I have stuff to do at the office. Hana and I will be spending the rest of the afternoon there,"

"Is that how it is?" Seolri scoffed.

"Seol..." Doyoung tried to explain to her but she just turned her back on him and went back to the room.


Confused, Doyoung sighed and decided to just let it go before he turned to face Hana who was staring right back at him. "Jealousy can be deadly," She commented before turning her back on him and went on her way to the office.






"Junhee! It's lunch time! Let's go!" Jungwoo was happily circling around Junhee's seat as she was taking out her lunch bag. Just as she promised, she brought rice and juice for the two of them. She was about to open her lunch when Jungwoo stopped her, "No, we're not eating here."

Jungwoo lead Junhee to the school's sports field where he found the perfect spot to spend the afternoons with. 

"I promise you! This is a special and secret place!" Jungwoo was so excited and bubbly about the hiding spot but when they reached the place, it was filled with students especially the seniors. He immediately took a step back and turned to Junhee who was following close to him and blocked her view.

"What's wrong?" She asked but Jungwoo was holding her shoulders, gently pushing her away from the place but Junhee was curious and went to check what was behind, then she happened to see Donghyun, who happened to see her too.


"Junhee!" Donghyun shouted and waved his hand before running towards her. Jungwoo sighed in disappointment and went behind her.

"Hi," She greeted back.

"What brings you here?" Donghyun asked and noticed Jungwoo, then turned to give Junhee a mischievous grin and mouth the words 'Boyfriend'?

Junhee frowned and shook her head sideways. "We wanted to have lunch here so we thought there aren't people here," She explained.

Donghyun laughed, "Freshmen, I'm sorry but that place is ours, but I can tell you a spot which is nice for eating lunch." He said and gave her directions.

"Thank you, Donghyun!" Junhee said and went to grab Jungwoo's hand as she walked away.

"Wait, where are we going?" Jungwoo asked confused.

"Just follow me," She said. Junhee lead the way back to the west side of the sports field, where old wooden classroom chairs and tables were piled up like mountains, but behind it was a wooden canopy of old wood stocks and branches of trees.

"What is this place?" Jungwoo asked but had a quick reflex to grab Junhee from entering the canopy. "Hey! Don't go inside. You don't know what awaits you there," He said.

"Fine, it looks shabby and fragile." She sighed and began to look around for something to sit on. "Do you think we can use those chairs?" She asked while pointing at the stray ones on the side.

"I'll get it," He said and carefully pulled the chairs from the spot and arranged it by facing each other. 

"Thank you," Junhee smiled and took a seat after she brushed the dust off from the chair. She then noticed Jungwoo's dismay. "Hey, it's okay."

"It's not okay, that was the best spot," He pouted and sat. 

"It's not your fault. I'm glad Donghyun told us that we can stay here." She said and looked around. "He said it used to be a guardhouse but it was later neglected after the new guardhouse was built right next to the main gate,"

"How did you know that Donghyun anyway?" Jungwoo said, he continued to frown while he set his meal. 

"His Doyoung's brother and happened to be my first friend at school," She smiled but felt like she was being too assuming, "I think.."

Jungwoo smiled, "I'm your friend too," He added and opened his lunch box filled with tonkatsu. "Just like I said last night... tonkatsu~" 

"Wow," Junhee gasped and showed her box of rice. "Share?"

"Sure!" Jungwoo nodded. "Nothing makes me happier than food," He continued as he started to shove rice into his mouth. There was something in Jungwoo that made her feel very comfortable. It was like having another Kun, but a bubbly and energetic way.

"Has anyone told you, you're cute?" She asked making Jungwoo choke on his food. "Oh my gosh! Jungwoo!" She got up and went to take his food and placed it on her seat and help him by patting his back. "I'm sorry! Oh my!"

"..........jeez." Jungwoo gasped after a moment. 

She held back her laugh as she gave his lunch box back before she sat down. "Sorry." She bit her lips

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