With This Fling

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This is a (short) multi-chapter romance comedy drama that revolves around the friendship of Moonbyul and Kim Yongsun. Its another twist to the same-same fanfics of MoonSun's friendship turned to lovers story.


"Have you ever dated a younger woman?" Byul asked Kim Yongsun, the older woman she was secretly in love with and her best friend.

"Know what? I’ve never considered it before but now that I think about it, yeah… I guess I would." 

But before she can hope, the older woman added, “But I am now at the point in my life that im tired of dating. Dating leads to relationships and relationships are hard. Im not very good with them. I have this bad habit of making my lover the least of my priorities and I guess this is the reason why I am still single up until now.”

Byul felt dejected. For Kim Yongsun, she is just a friend, a sister... and it doesn’t help that she is a woman and younger than Kim Yongsun. 

But nevermind, she decided to take on the challenge, and she will eventually find an opening.

Moonbyul wants Kim Yongsun and she will do everything to get her.

A YES with a BUT in the middle and WHAT IFs in the end... sounds like a compromise. Enjoy Reading! ❤
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