Week One: Saturday

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Author's Note:

first chapter!! thus begins the introduction arc aka the most boring arc in the story lol. each week is a different arc and each week wil have three chapters! For example: Week One: Saturday, Week One: Sunday and Week One: Extra (aka the time spent outside the detention room.)

Please note that, that can change depending on the word count and me probably putting two chapters for example Week Three: Sunday and Extra together if they are too short as independent chapter! anyways enjoy!

From all the girls ignoring Yujin and dismissing her idea of playing a game to everyone moving their tables and chairs to form a circle and play said game– Wonyoung doesn’t know how it led to this. But well now, she's sitting in her chair facing Yujin of all people, while the door to the classroom is blocked with the teacher's table to slow down Ms. Kwon when she decides to visit.


"So, uh–" Jiwon clears . "Who's starting?"


"I'll go!" Rei enthusiastically raises her hand. "Jiwon!" She points at the blonde girl sitting opposite of her in the circle. "Truth or dare?"


"Me?" The drama club star is startled for a second, but she composes herself regardless. "Um– truth!"


"Who do you dislike the most in this room?" The Japanese girl asks with a smile, as if it was the most nonchalant thing ever. Opposite of her, Wonyoung watches Yujin frown. "Why would you ask something like that right in the beginning of the game?"


"Drama." Rei smiles as she pulls out her camera once again and points it towards Jiwon, who looked like a deer caught in headlights.


"Um– uh.."


Jiwon's eyes flicker to Yujin more than three times while all that leaves is, "Uh.."


The athlete sighs, "It's me, isn’t it?" The blonde girl immediately puts her head down in guilt, refusing to meet Yujin's eyes. "Well.. Can I at least ask why?"


Rei interrupts, "Nope! Wait for your turn, I guess." She then turns to Jiwon with a smile, "Okay, JiJi, ask someone else now!" 


"JiJi, seriously?" Gaeul tilts her head. Rei looks at her with a pout, "What? It’s cute!" The older girl scowls at Rei's attempt at acting cute. "Um.. Gaeul?" Jiwon's timid voice breaks the staring contest of the two.


"Yes?" The girl speaks in her same monotonous voice, and Yujin thinks she gets shivers every time Gaeul opens l.


Jiwon clears once again. "Uh, truth or dare?"


Gaeul takes her time thinking before she answers, "Truth."


Yujin furrows her eyebrows, "Seriously? You're no fun." The short haired girl only dismisses her with a wave before saying, "What? Jiwon did it too! Plus, I'm playing it safe. I'll leave the fun stuff for you cool kids." Gaeul not-so-subtly gestures at Rei and Yujin.


Wonyoung watches the whole scene play out in amusement, Hyunseo, on the other hand, feels bored.


"Why.. What were you doing that night?"


Wonyoung doesn’t know if the shock value is doubled at Jiwon's statement because it’s the sweet and nice Drama club star who decides to ask the question, or if it’s because of the question itself, (Even Hyunseo has her lips parted, slightly agape) but either way, all the girls in the room are frozen except for Jiwon like a deer caught in headlights, "You– you don't have to answer it!"


Gaeul composes herself, although the slight grip she has on the sides of the table says otherwise. "I, uh.. I was waiting for someone."


The others don't say anything, so she decides to continue. "As you guys know, I was right under the window from where that– that stupid statue fell. I was– waiting, for, uh.. A girl. For a date.. We were planning to leave the ceremony without anyone saying anything but she.. She stood me up."


All the other girls in the room are shocked, partially because Kim Gaeul is not as straight as everybody thought, and partially because she got herself in this stupid mess unknowingly; Without having a single fault.


Then again, aren't all the girls in this mess without having a single hand in it?


Everyone that goes to Starship: School of the Elites knows about why exactly these six girls are in detention.


But just for context: A week ago over the weekend, one of the most important school ceremonies was held that required the participation of every student. The annual Awarding Elites show, where SSOTE handed out awards to its best of the best students. What happened just a few hours after the award show started, was what nobody would've ever expected.


Student Council President Jang Wonyoung, Volleyball team captain An Yujin, School Topper Kim Gaeul, Kid Genius Lee Hyunseo, Drama club star Kim Jiwon and rising vlogger Naoi Rei caught in the act of "stealing" the school's precious golden statue.


The statue was of the Principal Mr. Boo's late great grandfather, who founded the school and made it reach its peak.


Almost everybody in this school knows that neither of the six girls are at fault. 


The statue was placed in the art room of the second floor of the building, near a large wide open window, where you could see the parking lot. The room was locked, only meant to be visited by everyone at the end of the ceremony where Principal Boo groups all the awarded students together and takes a picture with them and the golden statue. However, two sneaky boys had made their way into the room in need of some.. Privacy.


And one of the two boys just had to be Principal Boo's younger step-brother, Choi Soobin. 


Two boys kissed, it started to get heated, Soobin was pressed up against the statue by Basketball captain Yeonjun, the latter applied too much force causing the statue behind to fall exactly when six girls were out in the parking lot for their own reasons. Yujin pulled Gaeul away right when it was about to fall on her.


And by the time the girls got over their shock, finally decided to acknowledge each other’s presence and decided to inspect what exactly fell from above, the entire student body and the board were out of the building, standing in the parking lot and looking at the six students as if they were criminals.


The girls argued multiple times that they had nothing to do with this– and asked to check the CCTV footage. And Principal Boo and the board did, except that the real criminal was his stepbrother, and that he will never let Soobin get into a scandal with another boy of all people, and tarnish the reputation of their family.


As a result, the six girls were punished for something they didn’t do. Although, the severity of the punishment was lessened to eight weeks of detention and the board miraculously promised to remove all details of this scandal from their permanent records.


The six girls complied, they'd rather get out of this the easy way than fighting for ‘justice’ and risking their future careers.


Back to where we were, the silence was broken by none other than An Yujin, “The most unbelievable part of your story is you getting stood up– Why would someone stand you up?” She asks with the most ridiculous grin on her face which even makes the ever-so-indifferent Jang Wonyoung giggle.


Gaeul can’t help but snicker at the question. “I don’t know, maybe I’m too smart for them? You know girls in our school! They can’t tolerate their ego getting bruised even the slightest bit.”


“Yeah, they’re like men with their fragile egos.” Rei jokes. Well, it’s not like they’re being over-confident in the slightest way, it’ll be an understatement to say they were one of the most important students at SSOTE. Although, the slight empty feeling in their chests says that they'd rather prefer not to brag about it.


“Alright, my turn.” Gaeul asks with a slight smile after they’re all done laughing, “Wonyoung.”


The student council president sits up straight, her chin on top of the back of her right hand. “Shoot.”


“Truth or dare?”


“Dare.” The word receives a bunch of ‘ooh’s’ around the room, mainly from Yujin and Rei and Liz in a more timid voice. “Oh my god,” Rei dramatically starts, “I didn’t know the council president was such a daredevil.”


Wonyoung flips her long brown silky hair in such a Regina George type of way that it has all the girls staring (with Yujin’s eyes lingering a little longer) before she looks at Gaeul with a determined look, “What do you have for me?” While Gaeul is still recovering from the angelic and as a result, all the girl does is buffer in response.


Yujin, who was sitting next to the older girl, quickly leaned towards her ear before whispering, “Ask her to do 20 pushups.” She sits up straight again with a playful smile on her face, knowing that Gaeul wouldn’t ask Wonyoung to do that anyways.


“Uh.. Do 20 pushups, I guess?” Or maybe she would.


Wonyoung’s confidence is immediately shattered by the statement as she stares at the short haired girl in disbelief. Yujin and Jiwon try their best not to burst into laughter, Rei cuts her amusement short by instantly pulling out her camera again and mumbling, “I need to record this.” And even Hyunseo has an amused smile on her face, threatening to break into a grin.


Rei’s eyebrows meet in the middle when she notices the student council President not moving for at least 30 seconds, “Are you gonna do it or not, Ms. Daredevil?”


That seems to break Wonyoung from her shocked state as her eyes frantically glance at the other girls, hoping that at least someone would come to her aid. But no one does, and she feels her heart sink.


Everyone knows that among the many reasons Jang Wonyoung decided to run for the student council president position, one of them was so that she wouldn’t have to participate in any clubs which required physical energy and strength.


Everyone knows that Jang Wonyoung cannot do a push up to save her life– Heck, the girl can barely carry two bags with those arms of hers.


Yujin is the first one to get up from her seat, going around the circle of tables to help the poor girl stand up and get the dare over with. Wonyoung moves like a robot with the way she doesn’t protest when Yujin firmly holds her by her shoulders, drags her up before pulling her to the side of the room.


“You won’t embarrass yourself, alright?” Yujin reassures her, but the grin on her face tells Wonyoung otherwise. From over the older girl’s shoulder, she can see Rei holding up her camera at her. “Y-you’re not gonna upload this, are you?”


“No, Wonyoung, I’m definitely not uploading this clip even though I’m wasting my camera’s precious space recording you being terrible at physical activities.” Rei deadpans. “Just get it over with already,” Hyunseo mutters.


“Listen to the kid, come on.” Yujin pushes her down by her shoulders, Wonyoung eventually decides to give in. It’s fine, this is all a test to see how slayful Wonyoung can still be while embarrassing herself, She thinks as she practically lays down on the floor (Thank god it’s clean) and plants her palms beside her head.


“You do realize that you can’t do pushups while just laying down, right?” Wonyoung only glares at Yujin before huffing and muttering “I know” under her breath before pulling herself off the ground with the strength of her hands. Oh god, she’s gonna die.


“Oh god, I’m gonna die.” She panics the moment her wrists start shaking. “Come on, you can’t do at least one?” Rei asks, and you'd think she was angry if the amused smile on her face wasn’t visible. “My arms will give up and I’m gonna hit my head on the floor and die.” She frantically repeats.


Yujin watches with a hand over , stopping herself from snorting. “Wait a damn minute.” She suddenly looks up at the other girls, specifically at Rei. “If you record this with Wonyoung struggling on the ground against her will with me standing beside her like this.. Won’t it make me look like a bully without context?” 


The Japanese girl tilts her head while still holding that damn camera, “I didn’t think of that at first but– More blackmail material for me, I guess.”


Naoi Rei is a menace.


Yujin huffs before looking back down at the struggling girl, her elegance long gone with the way she was a few inches apart from falling face flat on the ground. “If we stop you from doing this, will you do another dare?”


“Yes, please.”


The tone that the girl responds with is almost desperate, and Yujin never expected to hear desperation reeking from Jang Wonyoung’s voice. And even if it’s nothing serious, weirdly enough, it doesn’t make her happy for having the most confident girl in school begging at her feet, or maybe it just doesn’t make her happy to see that it’s Wonyoung who’s begging.


Yujin stretches out a hand towards Wonyoung, who looks up at her with the most precious eyes ever, the glint in her eyes making Yujin feel like some sort of hero. Yujin supposes that maybe Jang Wonyoung has very pretty eyes that she wouldn’t mind staring at all day.


Wonyoung finally latches her hand onto Yujin’s and wraps it around her fingers, which makes the older girl snap out of her daze. She pulls the girl upto her feet, yet feels her eyes not being able to look away from Wonyoung even when the younger girl untangles their fingers and returns to her seat while sighing from relief.


“Boo.” Rei pouts, Hyunseo chuckles before saying, “You got that on camera, right?”


The Japanese girl raises an eyebrow, “Got what?”


“An Yujin not being able to keep her eyes away from Jang Wonyoung for almost 30 seconds in real time.” Rei stares at the youngest girl in the room for a second before bursting into a boisterous laughter, “– You’re right! I need to post this!” Even Jiwon lets out a small giggle.


Gaeul looks at the two girls in question, gauging their reactions. “HEY!” The two girls yell and even frown in unison, Gaeul widens her eyes, Are these two soulmates of some sort?


Rei shushes the two girls with her pointer finger near her lips, “Shh, lovebirds. Don’t forget I am still the one with the blackmail material here. One more word and two days later, uh.. Yujnyeong.. An-nyoung.. Annyeongz will be a thing!”


Yujin and Wonyoung simply stare at her again with defeated looks. Once again, Naoi Rei is a menace.


The athlete makes her way to her seat once again, avoiding eye contact with the girl opposite to her after the awkward moment their peers created just now. "Um, do I need to give her another dare?" Gaeul raises an eyebrow and slides up her glasses against the bridge of her nose.


"You know what– I choose truth." Wonyoung sighed. "Isn’t this just Truth or Truth instead of Truth or Dare at this point?" Hyuns

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