Week One: Sunday

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Author's Note: 

Hi! finally the first update of Brutal is here, I procrastinated a bit while writing this so I'm a bit late sorry heheh

Next chapter, Week One: Extra will drop sometime this week and I'll also start working on a new Winrina fic for my fellow jmj enjoyers. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this!

The next morning Wonyoung is propped up in her designated seat in the detention room by 9:50, because Jang Wonyoung can’t afford the luxury of sleeping in and being late, even if it comes to detention. Surprisingly though, Rei is already in the seat beside her, checking footage on her camera. (Seriously though, how did she not get caught yesterday? Wonyoung swears she saw Ms. Kwon eyeing Rei’s camera before looking away.)


Behind Rei sits Jiwon, who’s probably the most normal person among the five girls Wonyoung met yesterday. It’s a bit weird, because Jiwon and Wonyoung are in the same class 3-2 but neither of them have ever acknowledged each other’s presence. 


The blonde seems cool though, and Wonyoung wonders if they’ll ever be friends.


(Wonyoung swears she sees Rei’s backpack being way bigger and fuller than yesterday– And she can’t help but be curious of the contents inside.)


She shakes her head before sitting straight up and focusing her vision on the whiteboard in front of them. Two minutes later, the door opens, and enters a girl wearing glasses while holding her backpack with her two hands. She only acknowledges the other three girls in the room with a nod before approaching her seat and sitting down with grace.


Lee Hyunseo is too elegant for her own age, even Wonyoung finds herself being amused. 


Gaeul enters the room with her signature glasses and short hair after a bit over 9:55, the girl sends a small smile at Wonyoung’s way before sitting in front of her. And the only person left now is An Yujin.


An Yujin.. Wonyoung’s quite confused about her thoughts about the older girl. She can’t help it, because she just couldn’t read the girl. An Yujin has always ignored and refused to say more than three sentences to Wonyoung whenever they encountered each other in the past (Which isn’t a lot) and she couldn’t help but feel hurt everytime she thinks back to those moments. 


So, the girl being all friendly yesterday really shocked Wonyoung. Plus, Yujin’s whole jock image just screams trouble like every other girl on the Girls Volleyball team. Which is why Wonyoung has decided to keep a safe distance from the older girl during their detention period.


Wonyoung’s eyes flee to the clock once again, it’s 9:58, and just when she’s about to think silently “Where’s Yujin?” The door creaks open, and soon enters a girl rubbing her eyes and dragging her feet over the floor, trying her best to make it to her seat.


Yujin has her signature red varsity jacket that every volleyball player in their school owns over her school uniform. The school uniform is nothing special, just a gray blazer over a white tee, with the optional decision of wearing a skirt. Yujin’s just wearing jeans though, and her shoes are the Jordan’s that she claims are very real.


“Dude,” Rei snorts when Yujin is half way towards her seat, moving as slow as a slug. “You look like .” The Japanese girl quickly corrects herself, “I mean you look like you do usually– Like a goddamn golden retriever but–”


Gaeul decides to cut in, “But you look like a golden retriever suffering from insomnia. Are you sure you’re okay?” Her eyebrows are slightly furrowed, her face etched into a concerned expression as she watches Yujin plop down behind Wonyoung. 


Wonyoung doesn’t say anything, but she finds herself being just the tiniest bit worried and anticipating the girl’s response bit by bit, which never comes.


Even Hyunseo has a crooked eyebrow at Yujin’s unusual behavior, and that’s rare considering how Hyunseo usually has a simple blank expression. Jiwon speaks up from beside her, “Did you get any sleep last night?” Wonyoung feels herself letting go of a breath she didn’t even know she was holding when Yujin finally responds. (Don’t get her wrong; Wonyoung, as the student council president of their school, feels a responsibility to the board to prevent their students, for example, a wild An Yujin roaming the halls like a zombie, from ruining the harmony and peace of their school.)


“No, I, uh..” The girl scratches the back of her neck, eyelids barely open. “Mom didn’t tell dad that I got detention– So, he came back from his business trip, found out about it and made me practice until, like, dawn, I guess. Said it was punishment or some weird .”


An awkward silence falls upon them– All of them painfully aware of it except the one girl who was the cause of it– Because what response could they have to something like that? It’s not like they were close enough to tell each other personal things (Although Yujin just did) and they weren’t close enough to comfort each other either.


“Yujin, I’m–” Jiwon just about starts to reach out to the girl’s wrist with her own hand in a poor attempt of comforting her, but was interrupted when the door opened for the nth time today at the worst timing, and there stood a very neat looking Ms. Kwon Eunbi with her coffee cup, startled at having six pairs of eyes on her.


It’s already 10 AM.


The woman looks like a startled wild bunny, but she makes sure to greet them before the moment of shock gets too long for comfort. “Good morning, everyone.” She gives a tight lipped smile. She makes her way to the teacher’s chair awfully slow, before taking a seat. “Unlike yesterday.. There’s not really much left to say today.”


Today, the girls all make eye contact with Ms. Kwon (Except the jock in the back) and the woman considers it as progress. “I’ll be working here for an hour and keep an eye on you guys, but you guys can go ahead and keep on talking amongst yourselves like usual.” She ushered the girls, trying to encourage them to treat her as some sort of cool and reliable teacher that only exists in movies and stories.


And when the girls hesitantly glance at each other, seemingly unused to a teacher like Eunbi, the woman mentally face palms herself. Right, of course they won’t go back to exactly how they were just because she told them to.


She still gives them her best ‘customer service’ type smile though, because Kwon Eunbi isn’t one to back down so quickly.


Soon, the students remove their gaze on Eunbi to talk amongst themselves once again, and the woman brings her coffee cup to her lips with a smile while opening her laptop, relieved that her job was done– until a raised hand makes its way into her peripheral view.


She brings up her gaze again, to find An Yujin with droopy eyes and a limp arm up in the air, staring at her. Eunbi is quick to jump to action as she places her coffee down and gestures with her hand at the girl to speak up. 


“Can I go to the washroom? I’d like to wash up my face.”


It doesn’t take more than a minute for Eunbi to give Yujin permission, before the jock finally has the energy to walk like a normal human while dragging herself out of the room. A few minutes pass in silence, before she hears the ding of a notification. 


(Eunbi ignores it though, it’s all because of her unwavering guilt of punishing innocent students.)


On the other hand however, Rei opens up the groupchat on her phone after an urgent message from Wonyoung, disrupting her time of mindlessly scrolling through her Youtube comments while trying not to get caught.


Never open this.


student council president:


hey guys does anyone have an extra pad here by any chance?

sent 10:04 AM.


When Rei looks up and glances around for a second just to check if Ms. Kwon is looking or not, she’s met with the sight of four heads leaned back against their seats, eyebrows furrowed while holding and staring at something under their table.


(Rei tries not to giggle at the fact that they were all terrible at hiding their phones in class– let alone detention.)


cute cat blondie:


is everything okay wonyoung?


nerd with glasses:


Are you on your period?


nerd with elegance:


What? You came to school unprepared despite knowing that your menstrual period has started?




the toddler knows what periods are?


nerd with elegance:




student council president:


umm i didnt really expect my period to start so soon!


i swear it hasnt even been a month yet


cute cat blondie:


its not ur fault! period cycles are always sooo confusing




i dont have an extra pad sorry my period ended a few days ago


wait why are we texting?


@ wonyo u could just ask kwon you know

plus shes a female too


student council president:


i know, but thats exactly why im texting in the gc rn


none of my friends are here right now bc why would any student be at school on a sunday


and i cant ask ms kwon!!


it’ll be so embarrassing plus she’ll think i’m irresponsible too..


nerd with elegance:


But weren’t you just fine a few minutes ago? 


nerd with glasses:


Well, periods can always hit someone at any time, Hyunseo. That’s how we usually get our periods, don’t we?




as expected, the toddler really doesnt know anything sighhh


cute cat blondie:


why dont u just go to the nurse’s office and grab a pad? though it’s quite far from here..


student council president:


i wanna do that but i might bleed through my skirt




u couldve just worn jeans like yujin smh


student council president:


then that wouldve still stained my jeans somehow? im not winning either way here rei


cute cat blondie:


its not like u have a jacket to cover urself up either..


nerd with elegance:


Um, take your backpack and try to cover yourself up on the way to the office???


student council president:


i dont think kwon will let me take my backpack without asking though..


nerd with glasses:


I'm sorry, Wonyoung. 


But I don't think I can come up with any ideas then.


cute cat blondie:


me neither..


nerd with elegance:


What do we do then?






im telling ms kwon


student council president:






Absolute silence reigns in the group chat for about 10 minutes after the girls witness what just happened. Rei looks down at the device she held in her hands after hearing another ding with agape.


Never open this.


golden retriever humanified:


but like damn tho


u guys can really talk a lot


33 messages and i was gone for like three minutes

sent 10:18 AM.


nerd with glasses:




nerd with elegance:




cute cat blondie:






no…. NO!!!




nerd with elegance:




Cause are we really not gonna talk about how Yujin just casually sat back in her seat as if nothing happened after handing Wonyoung two pads like a K-Drama lead when she entered the classroom?


(Ah, pardon the author for this– Even she couldn't narrate the situation after being shocked at what just happened.)


Alright, let's rewind the clock to 10:06 AM. 


The only Japanese girl in the room had enough of her friend– Friend? Er.. Detention mate’s stupidity and she wasn’t gonna let the girl suffer for something she didn’t even have under control. So in response to that, she was just about to raise her hand and grab Ms. Kwon’s attention while Wonyoung was about to jump on her from her right side to prevent her from doing that.


All of that would’ve happened, if only An Yujin didn’t bolt into the room like Flash without even asking Ms. Kwon’s permission before she made her way to the other girls, smoothly putting two pads that she somehow acquired on Wonyoung’s table before sitting down behind her without a word.


Everything after that happened fast with a startled (but grateful regardless) Wonyoung asking to go to the washroom and the rest of the four girls sitting in their seats, staring at Yujin, shocked at the K-Drama type moment the girl just pulled.


After that, Yujin decided to text the group chat, and now we’re here.


Never open this.


golden retriever humanified:




i was on the way back to the classroom when u guys were blowing up my phone


i saw that wonyoung needed pads so i just did what i had to do i guess


cute cat blondie:


u went to the washroom of this building right?


golden retriever humanified:




cute cat blondie:


but isnt the nurse’s office opposite this building?


did u really go to the other building WHICH IS SO FAR AWAY BTW just to get wonyoung pads

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