Week Two, Saturday (Pt. 2)

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Author's Note:

hi! uploading this chapter a bit quickly compared to my other updates, I wanted to get this one out quickly because it's a part two and not a new week. This isn’t proof read btw, so I'm sorry if there are any typos.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy! Please leave your thoughts in the comments, I really enjoy reading those



"So, I guess I lost the bet, huh?" Yujin breaks the silence in the air with a small yet nervous smile. Wonyoung turns around from watching the rapidly changing scenery in the shotgun seat to look at the older girl. "Why would you think that?" She questions.


"It's just.." Yujin's eyes flicker to Wonyoung through the rear view mirror, "You're not having much fun, are you? It might've been better if you stayed with the others and just ate and had fun– But Yumama asked you to.."


Wonyoung quickly shakes her head and tucks some of the baby hair sticking out behind her ear. "I'm doing just fine. I don't usually have the opportunity to hang out freely outside." Yujin nods her head, she'd like to ask why but she can sort of guess the answer herself. Student council duties, being the school's model student, maintaining good grades etc etc. Basically, no time to chill out and have fun.


It's not like Yujin herself has time to go out and have fun (Partly why she almost never takes out girls for dates) because of practice, but at least during practice she has fun with her teammates and friends. Wonyoung's got it worse, Yujin thinks, because the younger one has to do everything alone.


Then, she gets the sudden urge to at least make Wonyoung laugh during conversations. Yujin's gonna make the younger girl admit she had fun, because she still has the bet to win.


"Can I.. try some pick-up lines on you?" 


The younger girl furrows her eyebrows slightly, "And why should I let you?" Yujin shrugs, "To gauge your reaction and see if I can use them on other girls." She makes up an excuse on the spot and prays Wonyoung doesn’t find out.


And when Wonyoung looks at her with widened eyes, an amused smile and a sarcastic, "Fine– I'll be your little cheerleader for today." Yujin cheers internally.


Alright, good, this is progress. She thinks, I just need to not embarrass myself.


Remembering one of the pick-up lines Yujin once read in a Seulrene Incorrects account, she asks, "Do you know that one thing I would change about you?"


Wonyoung skeptically raises her eyebrows, "Saying that on a date to a girl? Bad move, Yujin." 


"Just play along!" Yujin urges her, Wonyoung chuckles before shrugging, "Fine," Then, she changes her voice to a more high pitched one, "What's one you think you would change about me?"


Yujin looks at her all smugly from the rear view mirror, "Your last name."




Minutes pass and there's still pure silence.


Wonyoung's only looking at her with a straight face, and Yujin feels her sudden confidence fading and shyness creeping into her system. Then, the younger girl suddenly bursts into laughter, "Indirectly asking a girl to marry you on your first date.. That's not how you get the girl, An."


Yujin finds herself smiling at seeing Wonyoung smiling, and so, she protests with exposed teeth as she says, "Oh come on! It wasn’t that lame!"


"No, no, you don't have a say in this. I'm playing the cheerleader, not you." Wonyoung grins and shakes her head before turning to look at the road in front of them, a small smile still ghosts on her lips.


"Alright, let me salvage my reputation a bit and use another pick up line?"


Wonyoung shrugs, "Sure." She guesses this isn't a bad way to pass time.


"Did it hurt?" The older girl asks, and Wonyoung sighs, she knows this pick up line. In fact, doesn’t almost everyone in this world know about it? It's confirmed, An Yujin has zero game.


Wonyoung lets out a deep breath, "When I fell from heave–" Yujin is quick on her feet to interrupt her as she finally turns her gaze from looking at the road, to Wonyoung. "No, when you fell from the vending machine."


A growing smile etches on Yujin's lips as she continues, "Because you're a snack." 


Wonyoung tries her best to not break out in a stupid grin, she turns away and hides her face in her palm as she replies, "You're.. You're so stupid."


Yujin puckers her lips while smiling teasingly, "I'm great at flirting, I know." Wonyoung finally composes herself as she removes her hand from her face and replies, "Fine, you win this time." Yujin howls and makes all sorts of noises to express her joy.


She's so dumb, Wonyoung thinks.


"I knew no one could resist me." The older girl flicks her hair, and it almost hits Wonyoung in the face due to the harsh wind because of the jeep going at a fast speed. The latter chuckles, "Yeah, you're a charmer."


A few minutes pass by before Yujin speaks up once more, "Can I try another pick up line on you?" Wonyoung raises an eyebrow and slightly smirks, "Again? If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought you just had a crush on me–"


And Yujin immediately widens her eyes and turns beet red, while Wonyoung puts her hand over – shocked at herself for voicing out her inner thoughts like that. Great, just when Wonyoung was close to having another friend aside from Yuri, Minju and her brother, had to run off track and create an awkward atmosphere.


"Yujin, I–"


Yujin frantically shakes her head as the words ramble out of , "No, I, uh– I understand why you would think that! I genuinely was going to use these on other girls.. But don't worry! You and me– We're never gonna happen!" Her fingers nervously tap on the top of the steering wheel. 


Wonyoung could only nod her head. Right, She and Yujin are never gonna happen, so it's fine.. Right?


Before Yujin can ramble even more, The younger girl quickly puts a hand on her shoulder and stops her. "I was joking, Yujin. Relax," She giggles, though there is nervousness evident in her voice too.


The older girl tenses up even more at the touch. She stiffly nods as she watches Wonyoung's hand retract before the latter speaks up again, "So, wanna try that one last pick up line on me?" Wonyoung tries to have the atmosphere return to its usual fun vibe, because it was her fault for ruining it like that.


Yujin gives her a small smile, "Alright." Her nervous tapping stops as she starts, "You know, 'kissing' is such a dumb word?"


Wonyoung smiles and looks at her curiously, "It is?"


The older girl shrugs and puts on a nonchalant vibe, "Yeah, it is. 'Face battle' sounds way cooler." A few minutes pass with Wonyoung narrowing her eyes at Yujin while trying to understand what it means.


Yujin looks at her through the rear view mirror as she finally continues, "I challenge thee to a face battle."


Wonyoung finally gets it, and so she laughs, causing Yujin to also let out a chuckle.


"I do not accept thy challenge." Yujin also laughs at that and shrugs once more before replying, "That's alright, the girl I'll be taking out on a date would accept it anyways." 


The younger girl's laughter halts, just by a little bit so it isn’t obvious to Yujin. It feels slightly strange. Whatever, Wonyoung thinks, It's really just whatever.


She decides ending the conversation there would be a bad decision, so she replies, "Tell me about her reaction when you use it on her, alright?" She smiles.


"Why should I?" Yujin teases. And the words leave Wonyoung's mouth faster than she even thought of it, "Because we're friends."


All of a sudden, Wonyoung can see Yujin's eyes soften through the rear view mirror. The latter softly smiles, "Yeah, because we're friends."


Yujin and Wonyoung will never happen, because Wonyoung just can't afford to lose a friend.


(And Yujin just can't afford to have a relationship with anyone. With relationships comes getting to know each other better than anyone else. Not many people know about An Yujin's insecurities that weigh her down, and she'd like for it to stay that way.)



"When is she coming back? Why is she not coming back?" Rei whines as she completely lays her body on the seat of the booth. Jiwon and Gaeul, who were sitting on the other side, giggle at the sight.


"Relax, Hyunseo went to the washroom like a minute ago, she'll be back soon." Gaeul assures her. Meanwhile, Jiwon decides to resort to teasing, "Why? You miss her already?"


Jiwon isn’t really the type to joke around with someone she recently met, but these girls are fun, especially Rei.


The Japanese girl grimaces, "Oh, please. I'm only waiting for her to ask permission to drink her hot chocolate. I still haven't forgotten Hyunseo wanting to take me to her father for a science experiment or something. She's evil, Jiwon." She looks at the blonde girl, "She's evil." She repeats.


Jiwon tilts her head in confusion, "But just a while ago, you took a sip from her hot chocolate without her permission?" Rei shrugs, "I was.. feeling rebellious." The blonde haired girl feels herself getting more confused by each second.


After staying quiet for a while, Gaeul furrows her eyebrows and says, "But her father isn’t a scientist though? He owns a company." Rei immediately shoots up from lying down.


"What?! You mean to tell me that– that devil child threatened me for nothing?!" 


Gaeul chuckles and Jiwon follows before the former crosses her arms with a smirk and replies, "You know, you're more of a scaredy cat than Jiwon is." Both Jiwon and Rei look at her with betrayed faces.


Jiwon leans closer towards her with widened eyes, "Why would you think I'm a scaredy cat?" Gaeul touches the younger girl's tip of her nose and pushes her back with her pointer finger, "It's because you're like a cat," She removes her finger, "And you get scared easily. What was up with you during school with the rats, hmm?"


Rei protests, "Hey, rats are scary!" Gaeul only looks at her with a disinterested look, "They're 40cm small, be serious." 


The Japanese girl furrows her eyebrows and tilts her head, "How do you know that?"


Gaeul flicks her hair, "I know a lot of things." Except for myself.


Hyunseo soon arrives at the booth from the washroom, where the trio was sitting, but instead of sitting down herself, she crosses her arms and glares at Rei, "Hey, I was here first." She says, referring to how the latter was currently sitting in her place before she left.


"On this planet? No, exactly." Rei snickers and doesn’t move, so Hyunseo goes to the edge where Rei was sitting, and tries to push her to the side with all her strength.


The Japanese girl struggles staying in her place, "H-hey kid! Stop that!" Gaeul laughs, "You know, you could’ve avoided this if you just let Hyunseo take her place."


"Exactly!" The youngest in the room says and applies even more force. "Just don't hurt her..?" Jiwon's timid plea goes unheard to everyone except Rei, who only puts on an exaggerated pout at the blonde in response.


"What's going

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