Week Two, Sunday

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Author's Note:

hi.. i know im late!! im so sorry but my phone broke and im literally posting this from my mom's phone (ill log out later) so sorry to keep u guys waiting! this isnt proof read either so im sorry for typos

This chapter was more of a filler chapter bc i didn’t really have much planned out but I also added some details on Wonyoung, Gaeul, Yujin, Rei and the ever so mysterious Jiwon. Didn’t have the chance to add smth for Hyunseo but I have great things planned for her!!

Anyways, enjoy!



"How did none of you hear what I just said?" One of Gaeul's eyebrows is raised as she looks at the trio in front of her in disbelief.


Rei shrugs, "I've been zoned out for the last 20 minutes." 


Yujin suddenly bends down under her table, disappearing from everyone's sight before she comes back up with an origami shaped like a ninja star– Who even made that? "I got distracted about halfway through." She says as she throws the ninja star at the weird looking figure drawn by Rei on the board 


("It's supposed to be the principal! Mr. Boo!" The Japanese girl huffs. "None of you know what real art is.")


Gaeul then turns to Hyunseo, who was only looking at her blankly. The older girl raises both her eyebrows, gesturing to her to spew out an excuse.


However, Hyunseo only mimics her and also raises both her eyebrows, almost as if she's saying, "Try me, ."


The short haired girl sighs, "No excuse?" Hyunseo shakes her head and smiles, "Nope! Ignoring you was a conscious decision."


Gaeul takes no less than five seconds to quickly get the conversation moving; She's used to her new friends– erm, detention mates, being some of the most unserious people she has ever met.


"What I was saying! Was that some of you guys need to accompany me to meet my sister today." 


"Wait– What time?" The youngest girl in the room perks up. "Afternoon." Gaeul replies, but her heart is moving sort of violently. She reallyyyy needs someone to go with her, so that she can show her sister she is enjoying life with good.. friends.


Hyunseo frowns as she looks at her with apologetic puppy eyes, "I'm sorry, I can't make it. I have violin lessons."


Goodness, of course Hyunseo also has violin lessons like Gaeul used to when she was younger. 


"I like playing the guitar, but my auntie decided it was better for me to just learn violin." The younger girl pouts, and Gaeul would've cooed if it wasn’t for her being slightly confused at Hyunseo's statement. Auntie?


Gaeul smiles at her as she tries to reassure her with her words, "It's alright, I'll just take someone else." When she turns to her back to look at the other two sitting in their respective seats in the classroom, she is met with the sight of Rei taking a selca while holding one of her braids above her lips and puckering them meanwhile Yujin is staring at her with her a big eager smile and lightened up eyes.


"I'll go with you!" She says as soon as Gaeul makes eye contact with her.


At Yujin's eager response and agreement to Gaeul's proposal with zero details, the latter narrows her eyes and looks at the athlete suspiciously, "Why so excited, An?"


Yujin shrugs, "I don't have any plans for later today."  A pause, "And I just.. don't want to stay at home today."


Gaeul looks at her for a second, like, really looks at her, and wonders what kind of cracks there might be in the personality of the ever-so popular SSOTE's volleyball team captain–


Now's not the time for that though, because Rei finally puts down her phone ever since she entered the detention room before everyone else. 


"I'll go too. Yujin can give you some tips on how to drive before we leave too! That's killing two people with one gun. And my car vlog too! That's three people!"


"Isn’t the phrase, 'Killing two birds with one stone?' " Hyunseo perks up.


The Japanese girl deadpans, "I really don't know."


Meanwhile, Yujin is looking at her with a very confused and shocked face. "What?" Gaeul questions, the younger girl slightly shakes her head before she says, "You.. You were serious about driving?"


Gaeul narrows her eyes, "Yes?"


Yujin has agape, and the expression on her face shows that she really is not enjoying this. "Don't worry," Gaeul sighs, "I won't kill your baby jeep.. like how Rei kills people."


Before they can continue the conversation however, the door opens and the two girls walk in together with books in their hands. It's a rare sight to see student council president Jang Wonyoung and drama club star Kim Jiwon together.


"Hello, idiots." Rei smiles at them, mostly at Jiwon and Yujin grimaces from the side. What's up with Rei being so sweet to Jiwon?


"Hey, Rei." The blonde girl smiles back. Rei slightly tilts her head in confusion before she replies, "Oh– no, no, I didn’t mean to say you were an idiot!" She starts to unnecessarily defend herself as Jiwon sits behind Rei, beside Yujin.


"You overestimate me, Rei." Jiwon casually says.


From the tone of the blonde girl, Yujin can tell she's starting to open up a bit. Oh well, that's nice. Since they're going to be spending six more weeks together anyways, why not be on good terms with each other so the time spent here isn’t boring?


Wonyoung, the only one adorned in a fluffy pink sweater over her uniform, narrows her eyes at Rei as she sits down right in front of Yujin. "So, you mean to say I'm an idiot?"


The demeanor of the Japanese girl changes almost immediately as she switches from looking at Jiwon to Wonyoung. "Hey, I didn’t mention any names– But if the shoe fits.."


Wonyoung rolls her eyes before she turns around and flips open her notebook– And that reminds Yujin what she was curious about!


"Oh, hey– Did you and Jiwon come here together?"


When she says that, Rei's head shoots up before she turns around and looks at Jiwon with widened eyes, before asking "You guys came here together? I've never even seen you guys talk to each other–" 


The blonde girl only looks at her with a curious face as she simply says, "What? We're literally in the same class.. We got paired for a project, so we were working on it."


Rei's eyes widened even more, "Really?! That’s so nice.. I wish I shared a class with someone here too." She dramatically sighs.


Yujin is immediately offended as she jumps to question the Japanese girl, "We're literally in the same class too?"


Rei narrows her eyes as she replies, "I know." But a small fond smile grows on her lips after Yujin childishly huffs and turns away from her.


Meanwhile, Hyunseo is staring somewhere straight ahead. Gaeul notices, and when she follows the younger girl's line of vision, all she sees is the whiteboard in the classroom.


She taps her table a few times, and even in the midst of all the chaos that is coming from behind them, the tapping catches Hyunseo's ears. The girl has an amused look on her face while Gaeul just puts on a smug face.


Of course, her tapping would catch Hyunseo's attention. There was a certain pattern to it, which only a few would know. It was morse code. And as Gaeul guessed, Hyunseo also knows morse code.


What she just asked through morse code right now was, "What are you staring at?"


After the amusement subsides, Hyunseo shrugs and taps on her table too, replying, "Look at the whiteboard."


Gaeul furrows her eyebrows as she looks up ahead and looks at the whiteboard again. 


She stares, squints her eyes, stares again, and yet she finds nothing.


"I'm looking." She manages to say through tapping on the table.


Hyunseo lets out a little chuckle before she replies, "Look harder."


"I can't find anything."


"I said look harder."


Unbeknownst to them, the other four girls have already stopped being loud. Their eyes were on the two with a mix of confusion and curiosity. Well, Yujin and Rei were confused, Jiwon was curious and Wonyoung was amused.


"Psst, hey, pretty face." Yujin leans forward towards Wonyoung and lowers her voice. "Would you let that nickname go?" Wonyoung chuckles, and Yujin smiles before she continues, "What are they doing?" She refers to the two girls in front.


"Morse code." Wonyoung replies.


Rei furrows her eyebrows, "What is morse code?" Yujin sighs dramatically as she leans back in her chair, "This is why our class has the worst grades among juniors. Like I wish I was in Wonyoung and Jiwon's class.."


The Japanese girl gasps in offense, "What did you just say?!"


Wonyoung, however, is tired of the two's bickering and instead redirects her attention to Gaeul and Hyunseo. She knows it’s not nice to eavesdrop on a conversation– especially a morse code conversation, but she too is curious about what invisible thing is on the whiteboard.


"If you look close at the board," Hyunseo takes a few more seconds before continuing, "There's.. a note stuck on it."


Wonyoung watches Gaeul look at the whiteboard again before the older girl's eyes widen and she audibly gasps. The latter immediately jumps to reply to Hyunseo.


"Oh my god. You're a genius."


Hyunseo chuckles as she taps on the table again, "I'm not. You're just stupid."


This time, Gaeul playfully gasps in offense. "You take that back–" Behind them, a voice loudly yells, "Guys! There’s a note stuck on the board!" And it makes Gaeul, Wonyoung and Hyunseo flinch.


It was Jiwon, with her loud voice that she managed to acquire for her drama club– It’s required to sing and talk loudly for the audience to hear, apparently– And the dynamic duo (Yujin and Rei) staring at the board with comically widened eyes. "Oh my god, You're a genius, Jiwon!" Yujin says as she stands up.


Rei and Jiwon also stand up before the three almost run towards the damn board. Yujin starts to peel off the note that's literally the same color as the board while Jiwon assists her. Meanwhile, Rei looks back at the three behind them.


"You guys are so dumb– You’re sitting at front and yet none of you noticed."


Wonyoung frowns as she replies, "Hey, we saw it before you!" Gaeul and Hyunseo flinch at Wonyoung's voice as they turn around to face the girl– who they didn’t know was eavesdropping.


"You did?" The two ask almost at the same time, and Wonyoung looks like a deer caught in headlights. Leaning away from almost being up in Gaeul's face, Wonyoung awkwardly chuckles and scratches the back of her neck, "Ha.. Sorry."


Eavesdropping is too out of character for Jang Wonyoung. Lesson learned. Never eavesdrop, ever.


Hyunseo turns around again and mirrors Wonyoung's frown as she says, "Yeah, we noticed it before you!"


"Hahhaha, you wish." Yujin laughs like an evil villain as she holds the note on her hand with Jiwon peering over her shoulder like a cat. The next few moments are spent in silence with Yujin and Jiwon reading the note, Rei looking at them and waiting for them to speak up with a mom pose while the other three are just slightly bitter that the credit of finding the note is going to.. the dumber three?


"Guys!" Jiwon yells while still reading the note, "What?!" Rei yells back, her curiosity visibly eating her up.


"Guys!!" Jiwon yells again.


"WHAT?!" Rei yells back.. again.


"It's a note from Kwon– She isn’t coming back until detention ends cause she's on cleaning duty!" Yujin breaks the suspense. And Rei and Jiwon immediately start jumping up and down. It takes a few more seconds before Hyunseo is also jumping up and down. Gaeul and Wonyoung are left on their own to figure out why everyone is so happy.


"Okay..?" Gaeul narrows her eyes. Wonyoung frowns before she asks, "Why is everyone so happy?" And immediately all the girls stop jumping, and they all look at her in sync like in a horror movie.


"Because!" Rei starts, "We can sneak out again!"


Wonyoung widens her eyes in disbelief, "What? We're not sneaking out again." Clearly, the student council president has a very guilty conscience.


Hyunseo furrows her eyebrow

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