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The air in the room is so thick to the point that even Vice-Principal Kwon feels herself gulping simply at the sight of six highschoolers in detention.

Regardless of the atmosphere, the woman needs to do her job anyways. “I’m sure you all know why you’re here.” She starts, although none of the students make the slightest effort to glance at her. There’s only six chairs in the small classroom, three on the left side and three on the right side. Her eyes first darted to the girls on the left side.


“All six of you were caught in the act of stealing and damaging a precious school heritage in the previous award ceremony program.”


Ahn Yujin continues to carve drawings and words in the fragile wooden desk with her small steel ruler. In front of her, Jang Wonyoung pretends to not care about the girl damaging school property while writing details about the upcoming school dance in her journal. Sitting in the front seat of the left row, Kim Gaeul keeps her eyes focused on the study guide she held in her two hands, almost as if she’s in a self study session in class and not in detention.


“Although, Principal Boo is very disappointed with all of you right now; As all of you girls are incredibly important to the school, the board has decided to reduce your severe punishment to detention every Saturday and Sunday of the week from 10 AM to 12 PM, for the next eight weeks.”


Her eyes shift to the other three girls on the right side.


In the front seat, Lee Hyunseo is smoothly solving math problems which aren’t meant for kids her age, although the grip on her pencil is too stiff for someone seemingly studying in detention with ease; In contrast to the girl beside her, just a few meters away. Naoi Rei is scribbling down new vlog ideas in her notebook in the middle seat with her left hand under the table, fingers wrapped around the tripod holding her camera. Kim Jiwon in the back seat is furiously muttering her lines for her next play in a poor attempt to memorize them.


“Once you complete your punishment, the news of your robbery attempt and detention details will be completely wiped off of your permanent record.” Then, the woman takes her things from the table, her fingers clutched around her purse due to being tensed.


“I will be back for my hourly checkup, so don’t try anything funny.” She says before swiftly leaving the classroom. The only thoughts that ran in her mind while she walked through the hallways were, “The kids don’t deserve this.”


And right when the door closes and the footsteps outside start to fade away, An Yujin lets out an exaggerated sigh before putting her ruler down. The blonde beside her gets up from her seat before going to her side of the room, right in the corner, her fingers gripped around the script of her new play.


Rei, on the other hand, finishes scribbling in her notebook before quickly pulling her camera from beneath. “Hey, everyone! Here’s the detention vlog I promised you guys!” She loudly greets, and on cue, both the two girls in the front seat yell at Rei in sync, “Oh my god– Would you stop that?!”


The Japanese girl stares at them for a second before quickly turning her camera around, filming Gaeul and Hyunseo. “And these are two of my detention partners! The one in front is the younger nerd– Hyunseo!” She points at the girl before slightly turning the camera to Gaeul. “And that’s the older nerd– Gaeul!”


Yujin only watches in amusement before putting her arms against the wooden table and slowly leaning towards the back of the girl in front of her.


“Psst, pretty face.” The girl’s long straight hair is so close to Yujin that she could smell the strawberry shampoo, but she gives herself a mental slap to not be a weirdo before whispering again, “Hey, doll-face!”


When the girl still doesn’t make the slightest effort to reply, Yujin furrows her eyebrow before saying, “Jang Wonyoung!” She watches the girl’s shoulders visibly stiffen before she turns around to look at Yujin with a

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