The Untold Tales of the NCT Dreamies (Insert Shenanigans Here)


THE Dreamies live in modern South Korea, but leave the human things up to the humans.

They're too busy creating their own magic and not-magic chaos at home, in a forest, in a magic bookstore... basically wherever they go.

It begins with a pint of ice cream strapped on tiny fairy Jisungs shoulders, and Chenle being his mischievous tiny fairy self and making it even more difficult.

"The string holds true. Just because you're thumb-sized right now, it doesn't mean you aren't super strong," Chenle said.

"I'm not thumb-sized. You're thumb-sized," Jisung said.


Important Info about the story:


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*  There are Fun FAQs at the bottom of each chapter :)

*  For your comfort, I'll mark any mature chapters as [M], but I'll also leave a note above each one in case you miss it.

*  I'm eventually going to add a link to each chapter with info.  That way you can explore and click your favorite.  Not every chapter is connected, so you shouldn't have to be bothered with going from Ch 1 to 2 to 3 and so on and so on.  ;)


With that said...

Read | CH 1 | CH 2 | CH3 |


Artist Renjun, Elves Jaemin and Jeno, Fae Chenle and Jisung, Witches Haechan and Mark...

Join them on their misadventures in their relationships, careers, everyday mess of lives, and their adventures and career growth... all that junk. ;) Click to read. :)
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