Beomgyu, being kicked out of his coven for accidentally killing his brother, is left to wander around Russia. His goal was to try and redeem himself somehow, but he wasn't sure how. Not until he came across an injured fox 'shifter and decides to take care of him. Youngtaek had been wandering around near the border to Finland when he had been shot by hunters, narrowly escaping them and falling into a pit. He was rescued by Beomgyu hours later, and decided to stay with him for the time being. How will things work out? Let's find out.


Hai~! Author-nim here with another story! We're back to the spinoff series! Yes, we're back with it again this time in a situation where Beomgyu is now alone instead of being with Taehyun like in the main series.

In this timeline, the setting is a few years after the events of Gunil's story since Gunil has been dead for a while as of the events of the last spinoff story.

How did Kai die? Well, it'll be explained!

To the characters~!



Beomgyu: A vampire who had been kicked out of his coven when he accidentally killed his younger brother Kai for finding out the truth of a traumatic event for Beomgyu. He was already going through a lot, being a new vampire and everything, but being told the truth just made him snap. He spent the next few years after being banished wandering alone, wondering when he would be able to redeem himself. His hardened ways came from his time in military school before joining the Russian military and dealing with being forced to shut down his emotions in the face of danger. He is a big softie under that icy exterior, only showing it to those he really trusted.

Youngtaek: A fox shapeshifter who was part of the St Petersburg Coven before it was disbanded due to trust issues within the coven. He travelled with Jangjun for a while before leaving him and joining the shapeshifter pack in Norway led by Eric. He soon left that pack and ended up back in Russia, somewhere near the border of Finland and now patrols it, having nothing better to do. His animal form is a large silver colored fox with a white underside and a black tipped tail.

Heeseung: A vampire/shapeshifter hybrid who was part of the same military school that Beomgyu had been a part of. He was a shapeshifter who was technically half human, so when he had been attacked by vampires he was bitten and had been turned into a vampire. He is a part of the pack that is led by Jungwon in Louisiana as one of Jungwon's trusted pack members. He has a younger brother named Niki, who has yet to start changing. His animal form is a large black furred wolf with a white diamond shaped patch of fur on his chest with forest green colored eyes. He can speak Russian and English, with his English having a slight Russian accent.

I hope you enjoy the story~!


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Review by Finnigan [a non Kpop fan who was really interested in reading the story]:

Alright! Just finished “Redemption” and it was good! Once I got to Chapter 9, things really got spicy for the main characters. Really liked how Beomgyu developed as the story went on and that he has a lot of bad and/or weird stuff happening to him. His relationship with Youngtaek definitely balances him out. I am hoping that there will be more of this story in order to see the characters grow together. I will say that there are a lot of names being thrown in every chapter, so sometimes I would get confused on what is happening. Ensemble casts need more time and space to make a more cohesive and interesting story. You could explore more of the characters’ psyche through future storylines. However, the main characters are what drives the story and are the more compelling elements of the story. There’s a lot that you can expand on and don’t be afraid to go into detail about the setting and characters. You’re an aspiring fan fiction writer on a solid track; keep on practicing and learning so you can hone the craft.

Epilogue. That's the end! I hope you enjoyed reading the story as much as I enjoyed writing it :D

Also the next story has already been posted, go read it after reading this one~!
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