Lee Chan always hold the Joker card in their relationship, always know how to get his way with his boyfriend.

But one time, one mistake, he might lost the thing he wanted to keep the most, Choi Seungcheol. 


~I am a sunflower exist only for you. I'll follow your light, I'll turn your way everytime. I'll hold a gun against anyone who hurt you, but what about me? Who will protect me from the heartbreak you give?~ -S.Coups

~Hyung, I am sorry.~ -Chan



"Wait for me, hyung?"

In the Seungcheol's eyes, it was an easy request. To love, to yearn, to protect, to missed, that's a normal thing for him. Especially when Lee Chan is involved, he always back off and let the younger win.

He was hoping it was enough. But Lee Chan prove him wrong. It was time that Seungcheol be selfish, even if it breaks the both of them.

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